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American Standard has been in business for over 140 years and makes a huge amount of quality products. The Cambridge tub is no exception to that rule, and graces any bathroom with a modern look, yet timeless design.

This tub is made with Americast technology and incorporates a glossy enamel top layer. This is a less-costly alternative to cast iron, which makes it durable, easy to clean, and lightweight.

With the ability to use American Standard Deep Soak technology, and the fact that this tub is ADA compliant, you are receiving an incredible value at an affordable price.walkintubre06

Highlighted Features

  • Durable Americast material
  • Lighter than cast iron, and easier to carry
  • Deep 14-inch soaking depth (added 2 inches with deep soak drain)
  • Surprising heat retention keeps bath water warmer longer
  • Slip-resistant textured tub floor
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-porous and glossy porcelain enamel finish is scratch-resistant
  • Strong and stable


Made with full metal construction, in three-layers.

  1. Modeled reinforced metal
  2. Covering of metal
  3. Americast glossy porcelain enamel finish

Timeless Design

Whether you are looking to accommodate a modern bathroom or a more contemporary style, the timeless design works for all.

StanSure Slip Resistant Bottom

Unlike many other tubs, the slip-resistant surface is not uncomfortable when soaking in this tub. It covers a huge 56% of the bottom of the tub to keep you safe while standing in the tub. It is easy to clean and is incredibly white for a beautiful clean look.

Retains Heat

Holds on to hot water longer! Retains heat for over one hour. You can compare this to a cast-iron tub.

Various Color Options

If you are looking for a specific color set to match your home or bathroom, the Cambridge tub is available in three different colors.

  • Arctic White
  • White
  • Linen

Bone was a previous color option that has now become discontinued.


If you are moving from a cast iron tub to the Cambridge tub with Americast technology, you will be amazed at the weight. This tub is incredibly lightweight and easy to install because of that. Place this tub upstairs and have no restrictions due to a heavy tub.

  • Great value
  • Works very well
  • Glossy porcelain finish
  • Good quality
  • Keeps water warm
  • Solid construction
  • Slip-resistant surface not uncomfortable
  • ADA compliant
  • Timeless design
  • Drain sold separately

Deep Soak Compatible

Although the drain is not included with the tub, you do have the choice of two American Standard drain options.

  • Universal bath drain: Lower cost, simple and standard bath drain.
  • Deep Soak™ drain: Designed by American Standard, the Cambridge tub is Deep soak compatible. This drain eliminates the wasted space above a standard overflow cap. This allows a higher water level in the bath, giving you a deeper and better soaking experience. Raises the water level by over 2 inches and easy to install.

The fact that the drain is not included does add on a bit of a larger cost to the tub. If you so choose, you can purchase a different brand of bath drain that fits this tub to keep costs down.

ADA Compliant

This tub meets the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as well as ANSI A117.1 requirements.

This is wonderful for those with disabilities or limited mobility. It is important to install the product correctly in order to maintain compliance.

Specs Chart

Installed size60 x 32 x 17-3/4 In. (1524 x 813 x 451mm)
Weight161 Lbs. (72 Kg.)
Weight with water578 Lbs. (260 Kg.)
Overflow limit50 Gal. (190 L)
Water depth to overflow14 In. (356mm)
Floor loading43 Lbs./Sq.Ft. (208 Kgs./Sq.m)
Length60" (1524mm)
Width32" (813mm)
Depth17-3/4" (451mm)

Color options
  • #11 Arctic White

  • #20 White

  • #222 Linen

Be Aware Before Purchasing

Tub is exactly 60 inches

Be aware that this tub is exactly 60 inches. That means that if you have exactly a 60-inch opening, you will have a tight squeeze, or need to saw a bit of your wall.

Drain is Not Included

This is also very important to know before purchasing. If you only order the tub without the drain, you won’t be able to install or use it. Consider the American Standard Deep Soak drain for an added 2-3 inches of soaking ability.

Lighter than Cast Iron, but Heavier than Acrylic

Although this tub is a lot lighter than most cast iron tubs, it is definitely a bit heavier than a fully acrylic tub. This is due to the two metal layers, and one ceramic layer that makes up this tub.

All around great tub at a good price

The American Standard Cambridge tub lives up to the American Standard name. It offers durable construction, it is easy to clean, and fully retains heat. For an incredible value, this tub will not disappoint and should last for many years to come.

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