American Standard Evolution Tub Review: Is It Stain Resistant?

American Standard Evolution Tub Review

With a name like “American Standard,” it is clear that this company made a point of setting out to be the level of quality people expect for upscale residences and hotels. Knowing that, it comes as little surprise to anyone that American Standard bathtubs have become a favorite among home improvement groups, plumbers, and interior designers.

The American Standard Evolution isn’t just one tub. Rather, it’s a series of tubs that come in different sizes and lengths but maintain an overall similar design. It was American Standard’s way of making sure that bathrooms of all sizes can enjoy the simple luxury of having a quality bath that feels like a spa.

Why Choose This Tub Over Others?

The American Standard Evolution bathtub line is a perfect compromise between professional spa-like settings and home-friendly design. The Evolution series is designed with elegant curves that add a nice, chic twist to a traditional bathroom setup and also comes with a very grippy, textured bottom.

The Evolution, much like everything else that’s designed by American Standard, puts comfort and safety at the forefront of the design. The Evolution has a slanted, form-fitting back rest that makes it easy to sink into your bathtub and feel amazing doing it  A textured bottom means no worries of slipping, while the acrylic build of the tub means you’ll have an easy to clean, stain-resistant tub that’ll last for years.

The larger versions of the Evolution (6 foot and above in length) can fit two people comfortably, while smaller versions can hold one large individual with ease. If you’re looking for a family tub that is also couples-friendly, then you’re going to love what American Standard.

American Standard Evolution Tub: Top Features

As one would expect with a name as respected as American Standard, their Evolution series offers families a very nice array of amenities, perks, and features. Here’s what buyers should be aware of when they are looking to get their bathroom remodeled:

  • A Deep Soaking Tub. If you’re looking for a bathtub that gives you enough room to submerge yourself in water after a hard day’s work, then look no further than the American Standard Evolution. It’s one of the most popular deep soaking tub series on the market.
  • Reversible Drain. Tired of having to stick your foot in drain’s hole in order to get the water to stop seeping down the drain? You’re not alone. The reversible drain included in the tub’s setup makes it easy to stop water flow and also looks elegant while it does it.
  • Molded Armrests. Adding a little spa-like quality to your bathing experience are a pair of elegant molded armrests that let you rest your body high and get the most of your bathtime. Though the armrests are there, the tub is still large and wide enough to remain comfortably roomy for most people. It’s a win-win.
  • Drop-Down Installation. If you’re looking for an easy to install bathtub, you’re going to enjoy knowing that the American Standard Evolution line all works via a drop-down installation mechanism. Unlike other dropdowns, this tub doesn’t fit over an existing tub. It’s made to be the only tub you’ll ever need.
  • Neck-Friendly Design. Sore back and neck? Not an issue if you have an Evolution tub. This tub comes with a nice built-in padding area that will help support your neck while you soak.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty. American Standard stands behind its bathtubs. That’s why you get one of the best warranties in the nation.

Specs Table

American Standard
Part Number
Item Weight
7.21 pounds
Product Dimensions
21.5 x 36 x 72 inches
Item model number
60 Or More Gallons
Acrylic Tubs
Installation Method
Undermount,Drop In
Item Package Quantity
Included Components
Limited Lifetime Warranty

Is It ADA-Compliant?

Though the American Standard Evolution series does come with a lot of comfort-enhancing amenities, it is not an ADA-compliant line. If your family has a member who has limited mobility, the depth of the tub can prove to be a challenge for them to enter.

It is better to look into specially designed, ADA-compliant tub models than to try to work around the American Standard Evolution. If it’s a matter of pain management, there may be a way to work with the Evolution. To determine what’s best for you, please contact your doctor.

Our Final Take

With its sleek, body-conforming design and deep depth soaks, it’s easy to see why so many people feel that the American Standard Evolution line offers a comforting, spa-like element to their bathing experience. If you’re looking for a bathtub that makes you feel like you’ve walked into a luxury spa, this is it.

Any family that’s looking for a roomy, elegant tub that is easy to clean and install should take a look into the American Standard Evolution. It is a bathtub that’s literally built to please.

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