American Standard Princeton Tub Review – [Pricing, Features & More]

American Standard Princeton Tub Review

Known as a durable, cost-efficient alternative to cast iron tubs, the Princeton American Standard Bathtub is luxury at its finest, without the high price tag. Other tubs may boast durability, but this tub is complete with a patented porcelain finish to truly seal the job.

Built with an overflow drain and extremely light material, this tub is plenty easier to install than a conventional tub. The exclusive Americast technology uses a glossy enamel top layer that makes it easy to clean and extremely strong. Combine this with a thick, insulating layer, and you have hours of warm water.

Feature Highlights

  • American Standard Princeton Tub ReviewRecessed alcove tub
  • Comfortable and contoured lumbar support
  • Beveled headrest
  • Safe, slip-resistant surface
  • Non-porous porcelain
  • Scratch-resistant

Easy to Clean

The porcelain enamel finish is beautiful, scratch-resistant, and glossy. This finish makes it easy to clean and adds to its durability.

Built-In Overflow

No need to purchase and install a separate drain.

Americast Backing vs. Cast Iron

  • American Standard Princeton Tub ReviewCast iron draws heat out of the tub, while Americast keeps water warmer
  • Made with a patented bonding process
  • Insulates the tub for a quiet experience
  • Simple installation
  • Americast will last 15 years while cast iron can last for 20+

Huge Soaking Space

This tub is 4-inches wider than standard tubs, which allows for plenty of extra room to leave soap, a reading book, or other essentials.


Includes a StanSure slip-resistant floor surface for maximum safety. Whether you are aging, or have children, this floor will ensure your safety.

Incredible Warranty

American Standard Princeton Tub ReviewAmerican standard offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty for Luxury Acrylic & Americast Tubs. This means your purchase is covered for whatever reason in the event of a manufacturer defect.

Simple Installation

Lightweight and easy to install in three simple steps:

  1. Carry the tub to wherever you want to install and use the built-in leveling base
  2. Install your plumbing
  3. Attach full-length support stringer to the wall

Enjoy your tub!

  • Formed steel center layer is strong and stable
  • Very insulated, keeps water warm
  • Slip-resistant floor surface
  • ADA compliant
  • Simple installation
  • Patented bonding process
  • Built-in leveling base
  • Fantastic warranty
  • More durable than plastic tubs
  • May not last as long as cast iron

Many Options To Choose From

Choose from a variety of different options to meet your bathroom size and style requirements.


If you are looking to match your bathroom, you can choose from four different color options.

  • Arctic White
  • White
  • Bone
  • Linen


  • Standard size: 60”x30”
  • Luxury model: 60”x34”


Choose from a left or right-hand drain option.

Added features

Choosing from a built-in overflow or an apronfront to accommodate your bathing needs.

Built-in overflow: The built-in overflow drain is a plumbing feature. It prevents your sink or bathtub from overflowing with water. The overflow drain is located along the sidewall of the basin.

Apron front: Also known as a skirted tub. This tub has one finished side and is anchored on the other side. The visible finished side, is called a skirt or apron, in this case it is located on the front.

Installed size60 x 34 x 14 In. (1524 x 864 x 356mm)
Weight 119 Lbs. (54 Kg.)
Weight with water469 Lbs. (213 Kg.)
Overflow limit42 Gal. (159 L)
Bathing well at sump42 x 19 In. (1067 x 483mm)
Bathing well at rim56 x 25 In. (1423 x 635mm)
Water depth to overflow9-1/2 In. (241mm)
Floor loading33 Lbs./Sq.Ft. (159 Kgs./Sq.m)

Color options
  • #11 Arctic White

  • #20 White

  • #21 Bone

  • #222 Linen

Size options
  • Standard size: 60”x30”

  • Luxury model: 60”x34”

  • #21 Bone

Compliance Certifications

Meets or exceeds the following specifications:

  • ASME A112.19.4 for Americast Plumbing Fixtures
  • ASTM F-462 for Slip-resistant Bathing Facilities
  • ANSI Z124.1 Ignition Test
  • ASTM E162 for Flammability
  • NFPA 258 for Smoke Density

Great Value in a Long-Lasting Tub

If you are looking for a deep soak tub that will last for years to come, then the American Standard Princeton is what you are looking for.

You should have no trouble if one of your children decides to use a market on the tub. This tub is so easy to clean and is extremely durable. You will feel as though you are using a cast iron tub, but rather, you will be using a tub backed by America’s technology.

If you are looking for a tub with an easy install, you have found it. No need to have a fear of flimsy material that might break while you install it yourself. This tub is strong and will be installed in a matter of a few minutes.

The American Standard Princeton Bathtub is great for anyone of all ages and heights. With an incredible warranty, durable tub, and glossy shine, you will enjoy this tub for years to come.

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