best acrylic bathtub

Best Walk-in Tubs with Shower Combo – [2023 Rankings]

Walk-in tubs with shower are a necessary appliance for anyone with limited mobility, chronic pain, or other disabilities that may make using a regular tub difficult. But, what if you are living with others who do not need a walk-in tub? What if you’re having a low pain day and…

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What's an ADA Tub

What’s an ADA Tub?

The bulk of mishaps at home that result in injuries occurs in the bathroom, where thousands of people are hurt every year. The restroom can be a challenging area for those with mobility restrictions, and extra care and caution is required to prevent catastrophic injuries and even fatal slip and…

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How to clean a Bath tub

How to Clean A Bathtub? Dos & Don’ts

Taking a soothing bath is one of the best ways to de-stress and relax after a demanding day. Tubs, however, are known for accumulating grime, mildew, and filth over time and such moisture and rust-related stains have a lasting impact. Making the bathtub part of the regular cleaning procedure is…

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How to unclog a bathtub

Water Not Draining? Here’s How To Unclog A Bathtub

A clogged bathtub drain can be very frustrating. It slows the flow of water via the pipes leaving standing water in the tub. The clogged bathtub can result from soap scum, hair, or other different debris. In fact, hair is the worst drain-clogging perpetrator. Clogs need to be removed as…

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Kohler Freestanding bath tub

Kohler Stargaze Bathtub Review

Kohler Stargaze Freestanding Bathtub After a hard day at work or any other time people need to unwind, soaking in a tub can be a relaxing pastime. Regular bathing in a bathtub can also aid in reducing stress, bodily discomfort, and inflammation. In fact, bathtubs are no longer seen as…

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Kohler Mendota Tub Review – Is It Really A Durable Tub?

Soaking in a bathtub can be a lovely activity after a long day at work, or any other time that you need to relax. The problem with this is many modern homes no longer house bathtubs, and many people believe it is too expensive to upgrade or purchase a tub…

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Kohler Bancroft Tub – 2022 Model Review

Take yourself into a different world with a relaxing soak in The Bancroft Tub from Kohler’s Bancroft Collection. The style of this bath draws its inspiration from the 1990s American architecture, giving it a very classic look. Sometimes simple and classic is perfect for the style of your bathroom. It…

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Kohler Verticyl Sink Review – 2022 Edition

Verticyl is a line of bathroom sinks from Kohler. These under-mount sinks are functional with simple elegance, in an affordable price range. With five different options in the Verticyl line, there is a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. This offers a Verticyl sink option for every bathroom. The under-mount…

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Make Your Bathroom Unique With Dreamline Unidoor Review

The Unidoor is a line of frameless swing shower doors from DreamLine. They are modern, elegant, and come in ten different variations. These shower doors have the look of custom made glass, at a fraction of the cost. DreamLine uses exclusive ClearMax water repellant and stain resistant glass coating. This…

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Ariel Platinum DZ972F8 Steam Shower Review [ Best Of 2022 ]

Once you experience the Platinum DZ972F8 steam shower you will never want to return to a normal shower again. This beautifully designed and well-constructed piece of equipment features body jets, beautiful rainfall showerheads, and chromatherapy. Enjoy your favorite music through the built-in speakers, while experiencing incredible, soothing steam. With multiple…

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