Delta Classic 400 Tub Review – Tough & Durable

The Delta Classic 400 is available in both left and right-hand drain options. With simple installation, this tub is designed to fit into alcoves easily.

It is made with ProCrylic™, making it an attractive, bright, and shiny bathtub. This high-gloss coating makes it strong and durable. This bathtub should last for many years to come and is comparable to a cast iron tub in durability.

Easy to clean, and extremely scratch resistant with a beautiful high gloss white color. This bathtub will brighten up any bathroom.


  • Premium high-gloss non-porous acrylic surface
  • Beautiful bright white finish
  • Simple installation
  • Option for left or right-hand drain option
  • Fits alcoves 60 in. x 33 in.
  • Very durable
  • Textured surface resists scratches and stains
  • Easy to clean surface resists mildew

No Fiberglass Backing

  • Because of the unique make-up of ProCryclic, there is no need for a rough and abrasive fiberglass backing.
  • With the lack of a fiberglass backing, it makes this tub very easy to handle.
  • This tub also requires no mortar bed, which saves time and money.

Simple Installation

This tub uses direct-to-stud installation. This helps to create a long-lasting and secure unit.

The built-in nailing flange and bathtub support also help to ease installation as well as durability.

Whether you are having this tub installed by a professional, or doing so yourself, you will have no problems.

Resists Mildew

  • The surface is easy to clean and resists mildew.
  • Exposure to mildew can cause health effects in some people.
  • Extensive mold contamination may cause health problems.
  • Breathing mold can cause allergic and respiratory symptoms.
  • By avoiding mildew in your bathtub, you can avoid the collection of mildew in other parts of your bathroom.

Greenguard Certified

  • Greenguard certified products are certified to Greenguard standards.
  • This means there are low chemical emissions that are put into indoor air during product usage.
  • For more information, visit

Pairs With Shower Unit

If you are looking to complete this tub with a shower unit, the Delta Classic 400 tub pairs with the Classic 400 32 in. X 60 in. x 60 in. 3-Piece Direct-to-Stud Tub Surround in High Gloss White.

This shower is model #40044 and is sold separately.

  • Resists scratches and stains
  • Easy installation
  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Resists mildew
  • Attractive warranty
  • Great value
  • Only one color option
  • Drain not included
  • Not ADA compliant

ProCrylic™ Surface

This is a type of acrylic surface developed by Delta. It is durable and easy to clean. It is patented, and Delta tubs are the only tubs that use this surface.

The material this tub is made from is similar to acrylic, but a bit different. It is equipped with premium high-gloss, non-porous, ProCrylic™.

Drain Option

Option to choose your drain on either the left or right-hand side.

Great Warranty

Delta® Tubs offers a great warranty on this tub.

  • Warranted to the original consumer purchaser or commercial user, as applicable, to be free from defects in material and workmanship
  • Ten (10) year warranty from the date of purchase
  • For commercial users, warranty is one (1) year from the date of purchase

Specs Sheet


  • 10-year limited residential

  • 1-year limited commercial
ADA Compliant?No
ColorHigh Gloss White
Basic length54.75 inches
Basin width23.88 inches
CertificationsIAPMO Certified
Faucet mountWall
Overall length60 inches
Overall width32.5 inches
Product dimensions59.88” Width x 32.5” Diameter x 18” Height

What To Be Aware Of Before Buying…

  • Drain and overflow not included: This can be an extra cost that you may not be interested in paying for.
  • Not ADA compliant: This means that individuals with mobility issues or disabilities will most likely have a difficult time using this tub. This is not made for individuals with mobility issues or disabilities.
  • Only available in one color: This can be concerning if you do not want a white bathtub. If you are looking for a bathtub in a color other than white, in that case it may not be the right bathtub for you.

Well made and beautifully designed product

The Delta Classic 400 is a bathtub that offers an attractive design. It offers the strength and durability of acrylic, with speciality ProCrylic™ coating. This makes it very unique. No other bathtubs use this coating.

This tub is durable and features built-in, reinforced bathtub support. This will enhance the installation and performance of an already easy to install product.

Although there are a few things to think about with this tub, only one available color, the drain, and overflow are not included, and it is not ADA compliant, overall this is a great tub.

Enjoy this beautiful, and bright white, modern tub, in a high-gloss acrylic. It provides the benefits of acrylic without the need for the rough, abrasive fiberglass backing.

American Standard Devonshire Tub Review – Is It A Quality Bath Tub?

American Standard Princeton Tub Review

From one of the highest quality bathtub makers, Kohler introduces the Devonshire Tub. With a beautifully manufactured design, this traditional bath sports elegant lines with a sleek silhouette.

Bathing is imperative in your daily routine, so why not do so in comfort? Sit back and relax with lumbar supports and armrests. With a beautiful old-world feel that has the possibility to fit into a modern bathroom, the Devonshire will give you the best of both worlds.

Looking for an affordable option? Look no further, this affordable bathtub will allow you to add a bit of luxury into your daily routine, without the high price.

Kohler Devonshire Specifications

Drain locationLeft or Right-hand option
InstallationThree Wall Alcove

  • #0 White Chrome

  • #47 Almond

  • #NY Dune® Brushed Nickel

  • #G9 Sandbar

  • #58 Thunder™ Grey
Codes/StandardsCSA B45.5/IAPMO Z124
ADA Compliant?No
Basin area, bottom42" x 20" (1067 mm x 508 mm)
Basin area, top51" x 24" (1295 mm x 610 mm)
Weight80 lbs (36.3 kg)
Minimum floor load41 lbs/ft² (200.2 kg/m²)
Water capacity60 gal (227.1 L)
Water depth14" (356 mm)
Minimum flat for door2-1/2" (64 mm)

Safety Features

Slip and fall accidents can be fatal. By providing a textured floor, you are always sure to have good footing while using this tub.

Variety of Color Options

Everyone deserves to have the bathroom of their dreams. With the Devonshire Tub, you are given that option. Choose from five beautiful colors:

  • American Standard Princeton Tub ReviewWhite
  • Almond
  • Dune
  • Sandbar
  • Thunder™ Grey

Retains Heat

Warm water is the best way to soothe your body after a long day. Made from premium acrylic material, the Devonshire tub from Kohler will stay warm for the entirety of your bathing session.

Extreme Comfort

  • Molded lumbar support
  • Armrests
  • Space for candles or soaps

Easy Installation

American Standard Princeton Tub ReviewDue to its lightweight acrylic makeup and alcove placement, the Kohler Devonshire allows for easy installation or placement on an upper floor.

Limited Warranty

The name Kohler behind a product means you will never need to worry regarding the warranty. Covered under the KOHLER® Plastic Baths and Receptors Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Left or Right Drainage Options

Regardless of your bathroom set up, this tub comes in a model to accommodate you:

  • K-1184-LA: Left-hand drain
  • K-1184-RA: Right-hand drain

Deep and Comfortable

Whether you are a tall individual or looking to share the space with a partner, this is a large tub. There is space to place candles or scrubs. The large space can also be useful for bathing pets.

Coordinate with Other Devonshire Products

Coordinates with other products in the Devonshire collection such as:

  • American Standard Princeton Tub ReviewK-7161-AF 1-1/2″ adjustable pop-up drain above- or through-floor
  • K-7213 27″ Cable Bath Drain
  • K-7214 27″ Cable Bath Drain
  • K-7259 Brass toe tap bath drain
  • K-37380 30″ Rough-in Cable Bath Drain
  • K-37383 Rough-in cable bath drain, PVC, 30″ cable with tubing
  • K-702200-G54 Frameless Sliding Bath Door
  • K-702200-G73 Frameless Sliding Bath Door
  • K-702200-L Frameless Sliding Bath Door
  • K-702205-L Frameless Sliding Bath Door
  • K-706000-D3 Frameless Sliding Bath Door
  • K-706000-L Frameless Sliding Bath Door
  • K-706003-L Frameless Sliding Bath Door
  • K-706004-D3 Frameless Sliding Bath Door
  • K-706004-L Frameless Sliding Bath Door
  • K-706007-L Frameless Sliding Bath Door
  • K-23726 Drain treatment
  • K-23732 Tub & shower cleaner

Integral Apron and Flange

An integrated tile flange helps to prevent water from seeping behind wall it is attached to. This also simplifies alcove installation

Not ADA Compliant

The Americans with Disabilities Act Foundation has provided guidelines for the safety of those with disabilities. Unfortunately, this bath does not adhere to those standards.

If you or someone you love has mobility issues, it would be recommended to purchase a different tub.

  • Molded lumbar support and armrests
  • Integrated apron
  • Textured bottom surface for safety
  • Able to coordinate with other products in the Devonshire collection
  • Lightweight
  • Simple installation
  • Integral flange prevents water from seeping behind wall
  • Does not last as long as cast iron tubs
  • Not ADA compliant

What to Consider Before Purchasing

  • American Standard Princeton Tub ReviewWrap the base with insulation during installation
  • Measure the area where you plan to install
  • Has a high sill, and is not ADA compliant.
  • Not a good choice for young children or seniors
  • This tub is made from acrylic material and should be good for at least 10-15 years of use.

An Elegant, Deep Soaking Tub

The Kohler Devonshire comes with a few quirks that prevent it from being the bathtub for everyone. If you are looking for a bathtub to bathe your children, you or someone you love is aging or has mobility issues, then this might not be the tub for you.

Despite this, with right or left-hand drainage options, easy installation, and textured bottom surface for safety there are many positive aspects of this tub as well.

If you are looking for a tub that will keep your bath water warmer, for longer, in an elegant design, you will definitely enjoy this tub.

American Standard Princeton Tub Review – [Pricing, Features & More]

American Standard Princeton Tub Review

Known as a durable, cost-efficient alternative to cast iron tubs, the Princeton American Standard Bathtub is luxury at its finest, without the high price tag. Other tubs may boast durability, but this tub is complete with a patented porcelain finish to truly seal the job.

Built with an overflow drain and extremely light material, this tub is plenty easier to install than a conventional tub. The exclusive Americast technology uses a glossy enamel top layer that makes it easy to clean and extremely strong. Combine this with a thick, insulating layer, and you have hours of warm water.

Feature Highlights

  • American Standard Princeton Tub ReviewRecessed alcove tub
  • Comfortable and contoured lumbar support
  • Beveled headrest
  • Safe, slip-resistant surface
  • Non-porous porcelain
  • Scratch-resistant

Easy to Clean

The porcelain enamel finish is beautiful, scratch-resistant, and glossy. This finish makes it easy to clean and adds to its durability.

Built-In Overflow

No need to purchase and install a separate drain.

Americast Backing vs. Cast Iron

  • American Standard Princeton Tub ReviewCast iron draws heat out of the tub, while Americast keeps water warmer
  • Made with a patented bonding process
  • Insulates the tub for a quiet experience
  • Simple installation
  • Americast will last 15 years while cast iron can last for 20+

Huge Soaking Space

This tub is 4-inches wider than standard tubs, which allows for plenty of extra room to leave soap, a reading book, or other essentials.


Includes a StanSure slip-resistant floor surface for maximum safety. Whether you are aging, or have children, this floor will ensure your safety.

Incredible Warranty

American Standard Princeton Tub ReviewAmerican standard offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty for Luxury Acrylic & Americast Tubs. This means your purchase is covered for whatever reason in the event of a manufacturer defect.

Simple Installation

Lightweight and easy to install in three simple steps:

  1. Carry the tub to wherever you want to install and use the built-in leveling base
  2. Install your plumbing
  3. Attach full-length support stringer to the wall

Enjoy your tub!

  • Formed steel center layer is strong and stable
  • Very insulated, keeps water warm
  • Slip-resistant floor surface
  • ADA compliant
  • Simple installation
  • Patented bonding process
  • Built-in leveling base
  • Fantastic warranty
  • More durable than plastic tubs
  • May not last as long as cast iron

Many Options To Choose From

Choose from a variety of different options to meet your bathroom size and style requirements.


If you are looking to match your bathroom, you can choose from four different color options.

  • Arctic White
  • White
  • Bone
  • Linen


  • Standard size: 60”x30”
  • Luxury model: 60”x34”


Choose from a left or right-hand drain option.

Added features

Choosing from a built-in overflow or an apronfront to accommodate your bathing needs.

Built-in overflow: The built-in overflow drain is a plumbing feature. It prevents your sink or bathtub from overflowing with water. The overflow drain is located along the sidewall of the basin.

Apron front: Also known as a skirted tub. This tub has one finished side and is anchored on the other side. The visible finished side, is called a skirt or apron, in this case it is located on the front.

Installed size60 x 34 x 14 In. (1524 x 864 x 356mm)
Weight 119 Lbs. (54 Kg.)
Weight with water469 Lbs. (213 Kg.)
Overflow limit42 Gal. (159 L)
Bathing well at sump42 x 19 In. (1067 x 483mm)
Bathing well at rim56 x 25 In. (1423 x 635mm)
Water depth to overflow9-1/2 In. (241mm)
Floor loading33 Lbs./Sq.Ft. (159 Kgs./Sq.m)

Color options
  • #11 Arctic White

  • #20 White

  • #21 Bone

  • #222 Linen

Size options
  • Standard size: 60”x30”

  • Luxury model: 60”x34”

  • #21 Bone

Compliance Certifications

Meets or exceeds the following specifications:

  • ASME A112.19.4 for Americast Plumbing Fixtures
  • ASTM F-462 for Slip-resistant Bathing Facilities
  • ANSI Z124.1 Ignition Test
  • ASTM E162 for Flammability
  • NFPA 258 for Smoke Density

Great Value in a Long-Lasting Tub

If you are looking for a deep soak tub that will last for years to come, then the American Standard Princeton is what you are looking for.

You should have no trouble if one of your children decides to use a market on the tub. This tub is so easy to clean and is extremely durable. You will feel as though you are using a cast iron tub, but rather, you will be using a tub backed by Americast technology.

If you are looking for a tub with an easy install, you have found it. No need to have a fear of flimsy material that might break while you install it yourself. This tub is strong and will be installed in a matter of a few minutes.

The American Standard Princeton Bathtub is great for anyone of all ages and heights. With an incredible warranty, durable tub, and glossy shine, you will enjoy this tub for years to come.

Kohler Vault Sink Review – Is It Worth The Price Tag?

Kohler Vault Sink Review

Imagine this situation: you’ve been toiling away, looking for a brand-new kitchen remodel design. You got the countertops. You got the cabinets. You got all of it, except for the kitchen sink. It happens, and when it does, most pros start suggesting Kohler as the sink option of choice.

Kohler is a staple among sink designers, and that’s why people rely on them for high quality sinks. If you’re looking for a sink that screams simplicity and functionality, then you’re going to want to take a look at their Vault series. These farmhouse-style sinks have been taking over the upscale kitchen design scene lately.

With its brushed steel look and its large water capacity, it’s easy to see why a lot of people are now starting to see the Kohler Vault series as a great go-to for kitchen design. Let’s take a closer look at this winning sink, shall we?

Why Buy The Kohler Vault Sink Over Others?

Kohler Vault Sink ReviewYou really can’t cut corners when you’re shopping for a new kitchen sink, and that’s why people trust Kohler’s quality. The Vault sink line is known for being made of high-quality stainless steel and having a generous workspace thanks to its deep depth design.

Easy to clean and easier to jazz up, the Kohler Vault is made to be the sink that people can rely on for both personal and professional use. Sturdy as this line is, the Vault also remains easy to install. You can choose from a top-mount or under-mount setup, depending on which model you choose.

Along with being an installer’s dream, the Kohler Vault line also comes complete with a nice array of accessories. You get to enjoy a free sink rack and free rim along with a couple of installation tools.

The Kohler Vault Sink: Key Features

Though it might look simple in design, you shouldn’t be fooled. The Kohler Vault sink series packs a powerful punch in terms of features. These below are what people tend to buzz about the most:

  • Kohler Vault Sink ReviewOne or Two Cabin Designs. You can choose between having a single “tub” sink or having your sink split into two. More options means more versatility for you.
  • Two Different Installation Options. You can choose from a top-mount or an under-mount setup. Both sinks come with self-rimming technology as well as installation hardware.
  • 18-Gauge Stainless Steel. When you’re looking for a kitchen sink that will endure a lot of the craziness you might put it through, you can’t budge on the material. This line is made of ultra-durable, 18-gauge brushed steel. It’ll keep for years to come.
  • SilentShield Sound Absorption. Did you ever use a kitchen sink that just seemed to amplify every splash and splatter that hit it? If so, you’ll understand why sound absorption is such an important feature.
  • Single Hole Faucet Setup. The Kohler Vault series is great for keeping things simple. That’s why it’s a single-hole faucet setup in most cases. (That said, you can get up to four faucet holes in some options!)
  • Available in a Wide Range of Sizes. No two kitchens are ever going to be alike, so why should your kitchen sink have to conform to a single size? The Vault series has a very respectable range of sizes, making it perfect for people who want to get a sink that is perfectly fit for them.

The Kohler Vault Sink: Specs Chart

Part Number
Item Weight
31.5 pounds
Product Dimensions
38.38 x 27.63 x 11.25 inches
Item model number
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer
One Size
Not Applicable
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Installation Method
Item Package Quantity
Number Of Pieces
Included Components
Hardware Kit, Self-Rimming, Sink Rack
Batteries Included?
Batteries Required?
One-year Limited Warranty

Is It ADA-Compliant?

When you’re looking for a sink that mixes both style and function, the Kohler Vault series offers a lot of appeal. However, there are some limitation when it comes to what the Vault can do. Unfortunately, the Vault Series isn’t ADA-compliant.

If you have a family member who has mobility issues, then you should strongly consider getting a different sink. Otherwise, you might be able to make do.

Our Final Take: The Kohler Vault Sink

Kohler’s Vault sink series is one fo the ages. It’s quiet, looks amazing, and is built to last. Though it’s not the most feature-filled sink you’ll find, it’s safe to say that having a Vault in your home will only add to your kitchen’s appeal.

While it is versatile and carries the quality you’d expect from Kohler, it isn’t ADA-compliant. So, while the Vault can be a great series for many families, those who are concerned about ADA standards may need to keep searching for the perfect sink for them.

Kohler Prolific Sink Review – Is It The Most Reliable Kitchen Sink?

Kohler Prolific Sink Review

Kohler’s stellar reputation as a plumbing equipment designer is one that you really can’t ignore. It’s a reputation forged through decades of experience and innovation. That’s why it’s become a go-to brand for people who want to upgrade their kitchen appliances…and that includes their kitchen sinks.

If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen or just replace a worn-out sink, chances are that you’ve spotted the Kohler Prolific Sink on showroom floors. Or, if you haven’t yet, you should expect to see it soon enough. It’s one of the most popular kitchen models out there, and rightfully so. Both personal and professional kitchens have relied on this model for years.

But, is it really the perfect sink for your place? Let’s take a look at why you are going to love this kitchen sink…

Why Buy The Kohler Prolific Sink Over Others?

Kohler Prolific Sink ReviewIf you’re looking for an aesthetic sink, it’s hard to beat the smooth, clean lines that the Prolific offers up. However, there are plenty of other sinks that have a comparable look. It is true that there are other kitchen sink models that are just as elegant as the Prolific. What you won’t find, though, is a sink that’s as utilitarian as the Prolific.

The Kohler Prolific Sink has a deep depth that’s perfect for heavy dish duty, and comes in widths varying from 23 inches to 44 inches. Made out of 18-gauge stainless steel, the Prolific is a professional-quality sink that’s designed to last for years and years. That’s why designers rely on it for kitchens that need durability.

The Kohler Prolific Sink: Key Features

If you’re looking for a feature-filled sink that is excellent for all types of kitchen use, then the Prolific is your best bet. These features below are some of the most popular ones people mention:

  • Kohler Prolific Sink Review18-Gauge Stainless Steel Build. The thick, easy-to-clean build of this sink will keep your kitchen’s plumbing looks great. The stainless steel also provides a brushed, modern aesthetic that people love to see. People who want a sink that will last and last enjoy this material, specifically because it’s meant to endure decades of use.
  • Wide Range Of Widths. To ensure that designers will be able to get a sink that suits their vision, the Prolific sink is available in a multitude of different sizes and widths that range from the small to the industrial.
  • Single Bowl Design. There have been many, many people who learned why having a split-bowl kitchen sink is more of a curse than a blessing. If you want to have the ample space that a single bowl design offers, a Prolific sink is just the smart thing to get.
  • Undermount Installation. The undermount installation makes it easy for plumbers and installation crews to put the sink together.
  • Additional Accessories. The cool thing about the Kohler Prolific series is that you can buy additional accessories that are specially designed to enhance your sink. Some of the most popular options include custom drains, sink ranks, and dish caddies.
  • Elegant Appeal. People prefer the Kohler Prolific because it doesn’t just offer superb functionality and durability. They love it because they make washing the dishes look good.

The Kohler Prolific Sink: Specs Chart

Part Number
Item Weight
41.5 pounds
Product Dimensions
33 x 17.75 x 10.94 inches
Item model number
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer
29 inches
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Installation Method
Item Package Quantity
Number Of Pieces
Included Components
Kitchen Sink, Two Grated Racks, Bamboo Cutting Board, Washbin and Coalander

Is It ADA-Compliant?

If you were hoping to find a kitchen sink that is designed with ADA standards in mind, you’re going to be disappointed. The Kohler Prolific sink might be a beautiful addition to a home, but it is not ADA-compliant.

Most people who have special physical accommodations will still be able to use this sink fairly easily. Even so, it’s not ADA-compliant and we cannot say that it is. Families who need sinks that are mobility-capable should continue to look for a different sink.

Our Final Take: The Kohler Prolific Sink

When it comes to finding a sink that has a sophisticated appearance and exceptional quality, going for a Kohler sink is a no-brainer. Almost every sink they have has earned accolades from interior design groups, and the Kohler Prolific is no exception to that rule.

People who are looking for an incredibly durable undermount sink that combines hypermodern form with excellent function would be wise to get a Kohler Prolific. Considering that these sinks come in such a wide range of sizes and also come with additional accessories, this is a sink option that just about anyone can enjoy.

Kohler Sensate Review – Is It The Perfect Fit For Your Kitchen?

Kohler Sensate Review

When you’re putting together you dream kitchen, it’s important to make sure that you have all the little details done just right. We’re not just talking about having the right plumbing parts, or having the right kitchen tables, either. We’re talking about having the right faucets for your kitchen sink.

Kohler’s Sensate line has been a mainstay among kitchen interior design companies for ages thanks to its elegant yet simple appearance. Though it’s easy to find faucets with a similar appearance, Kohler still remains one of the most popular brands for faucets. Did you ever wonder what makes the Sensate so popular?

Like many parts of the Kohler brand, the Kohler Sensate isn’t just one faucet. It’s multiple under the same line. Here’s why so many people want to have a Sensate in their kitchen, and why it’s the right line for you.

Why Choose The Kohler Sensate Over Other Faucets?

Kohler Sensate Review The Kohler Sensate is not your typical faucet. With its elegant “swan neck” design and its beautiful polished material, it’s easy to see why people who want a modern or industrial-look kitchen love it. However, the look alone isn’t the only thing that makes this faucet great.

Each Sensate faucet comes with a touchless sensor that can turn on and off within a matter of 20 milliseconds. To ensure easy spraying, the Sensate line also comes with a sprayer head that magnetically docks and clicks into place.

To make sure that your Sensate keeps looking (and performing) as well, each Sensate also comes with built in ceramic disc joints, ball joints, and braided hoses. This keeps your sink working smoothly for years to come, all without the worry of rust or difficult maneuvering.

The Kohler Sensate: Key Features

If you ever thought that a kitchen faucet could have only a few features, think again. The Kohler Sensate makes a point of showing how feature-filled a sink’s faucet can truly be. These features below are the most popular:

  • Kohler Sensate Review Multiple Colors Available. You can choose from regular chrome, back, or even a titanium-to-rose gold appearance. The Sensate works with our design vision, no matter what that vision is.
  • Response ® Technology. This gives users a 20milliscond response time for turning the Sensate on and off. A quick wave of the hand makes this touchless sensor go!
  • Two-Function Pulldown Sprayer. If you need a special spritz of water, you’re going to like the Sensate’s two-function sprayer. You can choose from an aerated spray, or their trademarked Sweep spray.
  • DockNetik ® Technology. This tech makes your sprayer click into place faster than ever, using high-powered magnets. People who have a hard time wth traditionally-docking faucets are going to love having this perk.
  • ProMotion®. This awesome tech gives you one of the most easy to maneuver ball joint and braided steel hoses in the industry. To further ensure high-quality dexterity, the Sensate also comes with a ceramic swivel disc that lets you turn and twist the faucet with ease.
  • MasterClean ™. Worried about having to polish your faucet with difficulty? MasterClean makes the Sensate easier to clean than any of its counterparts and also reduces the amount of cleaning you need to do to keep it looking great.

The Kohler Sensate Faucet: Specs

Part Number
Item Weight
8.6 pounds
Product Dimensions
28.63 x 12.31 x 3.06 inches
Item model number
Titanium to Rose Gold
Installation Method
Deck Mounted

Is It ADA-Compliant?

With its elegant appearance and its absolutely impressive high-tech build, it’s easy to see why so many people tend to assume that it’s perfect for everyone. That’s a safe assumption to make in this case, since the Kohler is ADA-compliant, too.

The Sensate’s ADA-compliant marks mean that this is a great faucet for anyone who is dealing with mobility issues. We strongly suggest it for families who are working with a family member who is disabled.

The Kohler Sensate: Our Final Take

There are very few faucet designs that are considered to be “perfect” by interior designers, but the Kohler Sensate is one of them. This beautiful sink faucet is the ideal blend between form and fashion, and that’s impossible to deny.

This is the type of kitchen faucet that makes you rethink what you know about faucets, plumbing, and interior design. Between its ultra-high-tech build and its superb durability, it’s safe to say that any kitchen that has a Sensate in it is a lucky one, indeed.

Is it the right one for you? Absolutely. There’s no kitchen in the world that doesn’t get a little boost from the Sensate’s awesome power. Knowing that, we strongly encourage anyone who wants the best of the best to look into buying one of these for their home.

Kohler Forte Kitchen Faucet Review – Modern Look vs. Features

Kohler Forte Kitchen Faucet Review

Forte is a line of kitchen faucets from Kohler. These faucets combine thoughtful and sleek design, with the most modern technology available in kitchen faucets.

With a beautiful appearance, nice curves, and amazing control, this faucet will add quality to any kitchen. Not only does the Forte line take appearance into consideration, but it will also work effectively.

Built with versatility, you can customize your installation with either a single hole or three-hole option. Utilize this kitchen faucet whether you have a single or double sink, and fill large pots and pans quickly with its six-inch spout.

If you are looking for a durable and modern faucet, with a single control pull-out, the Forte line offers all of that at an affordable price.

Why This Faucet? Highlights


  • Kohler Forte Kitchen Faucet ReviewExtremely simple to use
  • Works for both left and right-handed individuals
  • Durable construction
  • Spray head is designed ergonomically and includes ball joint swivel for smooth operation
  • Push button for the spray is located on the side versus the top
  • Self-contained valve for easy temperature control
  • Single-handled design
  • Corrosion-resistant and anti-tarnishing


If you’re looking for an elegant and modern faucet that will look wonderful in your kitchen, the Forte is just that. There are many reasons why these faucets are so popular.

Protective Finish

Resists tarnishing and corrosion over two times the industry standard.

Simple Installation

Kohler Forte Kitchen Faucet ReviewThe stainless steel braided installation lines and quick connection valves make for a simple installation process in three steps.

  1. Connect the faucet to your plumbing using the included line
  2. Tighten the faucet in the sinkhole with the “quick connection” restraining nut
  3. Place the deck plate to cover any unused holes

Many Color Options

No matter what color scheme you have decided to style your kitchen in, with the Kohler Forte Kitchen Faucet there are four different color options to choose from:

  • Polished Chrome
  • Brushed Chrome
  • Vibrant® Brushed Nickel
  • Vibrant® Stainless

Stylish Design

  • Kohler Forte Kitchen Faucet ReviewBeautiful shape and curves
  • Faucet combines a tapered bottom with a round-edged deck plate
  • Will enhance the look of any kitchen and bring it to an elevated level
  • Great for those with high standards, who are looking for performance, from a stylish design


The Kohler Forte is equipped with a high-temperature stop. This allows you to pre-set a maximum temperature that will prevent you from scalding accidents. Furthermore, when the pre-set temperature is exceeded the water will stop, preventing burn accidents.

Modern Features

Kohler is known for turning out innovative products, and the Forte Faucet is no different. Exciting modern features include:

  • Kohler Forte Kitchen Faucet ReviewPause button
  • Temperature throttle
  • Flexible fittings
  • Sealed inside surface
  • Cartridge valves made from ceramic
  • Option to include deck plate
  • Diverter controls

Incredible Warranty

The main complaint from customers regarding this faucet is with the buttons and seals. After three years of consistent use, there is sometimes a visible lack of durability. Although from another brand this might be an issue, Kohler offers a lifetime warranty that will have you covered.

This lifetime warranty includes problems with:

  • Finishings
  • Drips
  • Leaks
  • Signs of wear and tear

If there is any problem with your Forte faucet, it will be fixed or replaced at no cost to you. This warranty allows you to know that you can trust the Kohler name and that your investment in this faucet will be protected.

  • Versatile design
  • Incredible lifetime warranty
  • Easy installation
  • Swivel spout helpful for cleaning or filling large pots
  • High-temperature stop
  • Includes optional deck plate
  • Simple elegant design with modern features
  • Includes flexible braided lines
  • Complaints regarding manufacturing defects that appear after 3 years
  • Chrome finish shows dust and fingerprints
  • Doesn’t meet CA/VT low lead requirements

The Downside: Leaky Buttons and Seals

The buttons and seals of this faucet seem to sometimes have an issue with long term durability. After about three years of consistent use, the seals need to be replaced.

However, this is covered by the lifetime warranty, if this is not something you want to take a chance with, you might want to consider a different faucet.

Specs Chart

Item Weight5 pounds
Product Dimensions39.88 x 3.88 x 68.5 inches
Maximum Flow Rate60 psi (4.1 bar)

Color Options
  • #CP Polished Chrome

  • #G Brushed Chrome

  • #BN Vibrant® Brushed Nickel

  • #VS Vibrant® Stainless
WarrantyLifetime Limited
Installation MethodSingle-hole or 3-hole
Included ComponentsDeck plate, braided lines

Next Generation of Kitchen Faucets

The Kohler Forte Kitchen Faucet is truly the most modern design available on the market. Therefore, with a selection of different finishes, protective safety features, and single-lever design, you will feel as though you stepped into the future.

Due to the lifetime warranty on all parts of this faucet there is no need to worry about the mechanisms. All in all, Whether you are looking to cook with one-handed ease, or simply keep your kitchen clean, the Kohler Forte offers the best of it all.

Kohler Converge Shower Head Review: How Does It Compare?

If you’ve ever gone to an upscale spa or spoken to a professional bathroom designer, you already know that getting the right bathtub or shower is only half the battle. Sure, a good tub adds a special layer of comfort that you can’t ignore—but it’s not the be-all, end-all. A good showerhead matters just as much! Kohler’s name in bathroom design and bathroom technology is one that needs no introduction.

The quality you can expect from them always makes them a safe bet. But, what about the details of their shower head series? Lately, people have been starting to talk about their Converge Shower Head. Is it really all it’s cracked up to be? This 2-in-1 shower head and hand shower offers up a lot of promise, and we’re loving it. Here’s why you will, too.

Why Choose This Shower Head Over Others?

Kohler Converge Shower Head ReviewThe Kohler Converge isn’t just a shower head. It’s a dual-action shower head and hand shower combination set that goes from handheld to standard in an instant. With its five different spray styles and three different cleansing settings, the Converge offers up an experience that most of us would only get in a spa.

Bathers who want to get that extra-luxe feeling will adore the gentle massage setting, while people who need a more thorough clean will want their complete cleanse setting, while gentle rinse finishes off the job. When you combine the settings with the easy-to-use magnet-lock design, it’s a shower head you won’t want to be without. The best part about the Kohler Converge is that it’s designed to be easy to install. Thanks to Kohler’s engineering team, you won’t have to worry about needing to buy tools for the gig, either.


The Kohler Converge is remarkably feature-filled for a shower head. If you’re looking to get one, expect to enjoy these awesome features:

  • 5 Different Sprays. The sprays include silk, full coverage, silk plus, infinity, and infinity plus. Each spray offers a different sensation. According to users, the sprays are all rather light and gentle, which offers a nice massage without it being too rough on skin.
  • Easy Install and Switch. A 60-inch metal hose is part of your shower head’s design and is included in the kit. No tools are necessary for the installation of this shower head.
  • 1-Click Spray Control. Want to get a better spray? The Kohler Converge has single-button spray control to make it possible. You can switch from spray to spray by just clicking the button.
  • ScratchShield Technology. Tired of seeing your shower head looking dinged-up after a year of use? The nickel-plated finish on this shower head won’t budge thanks to ScratchShield technology, which is designed to prevent scratches that could tarnish the look of your shower.
  • Works With All Standard Fittings. If you are looking for a shower head that works with most fittings, this is it. As long as you have a ½ inch NPSM connection, you’re good to go.
  • While Kohler is known for having high price-ticket items, their Converge shower head is more affordable than most of the other models. If you’ve been wanting Kohler quality without a typical Kohler price, this is it.

Specs Chart

Part Number
Item Weight
2.89 pounds
Package Dimensions
14.2 x 7.75 x 7.5 inches
Item model number
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer
Brushed Nickel
Item Package Quantity
Flow Rate

Is It ADA-Compliant?

Though the Kohler Converge Shower Head does have a detachable hand shower, it’s not considered to be ADA-compliant. If you are mildly mobility-impaired and don’t necessarily require an ADA-compliant shower head, this could be a good option for you. However, if you are in need of an ADA-compliant shower head, we strongly discourage you from choosing the Converge. The Converge doesn’t have the “low standing” aspect that regular ADA-compliant shower heads have, which can pose an issue for people who are confined to a wheelchair. There are other options out there for you that are better suited for your needs.

Our Final Take

The Kohler Converge is a shower head that is doing its best at offering a lot of bang for your buck. It has an elegant look, feel, and an excellent way of getting that luxurious, multi-option spa experience that people love to indulge in. If you’re a fan of light, yet decadent showers, then you’re going to want to check out the Converge.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys versatility in their shower time, you’re going to love the five shower settings, and the one-click switch that gives you complete control over your experience. Between the multiple settings, the artfully engineered shower technology, and the elegant design, it’s hard to ignore the Converge’s value.

The Kohler Simplice Review – Why Buy This Faucet Over Others?

Putting together a dream kitchen involves walking that fine line between form and function, and it’s not always easy finding equipment that works with what you have in mind for your kitchen. When it comes to faucets, that’s doubly true. Usually, you can only find models that look good or have a bunch of features.

The Kohler Simplice line is looking to change that. This is one of Kohler’s most popular upscale faucet lines, and it’s designed to bring aesthetics and function together. Needless to say, the Simplice series has been making a huge splash with interior designers around the world.

The buzz around the Kohler Simplice is immense, but is it really worth its salt? We decided to take a look to find out more about this faucet line, and figure out why it’s become all the rage these days.

Why Buy The Kohler Simplice Kitchen Faucet Over Others?

Kohler Simplice ReviewDon’t be fooled by the moniker. The Kohler Simplice is anything but your average, simple kitchen faucet. Though the exterior design is one that emphasizes smooth lines and elegantly traditional features, the Simplice itself is a remarkable work of technology.

The Simplice comes with a wide array of different features, including a three-function spray head that is easily pulled down, DockNetik magnetic docking, easy-install hardware, and temperature-sensing memory gear. In other words, it makes both cooking and cleaning a little easier.

What we really enjoy about the Kohler Simplice faucet line is that it comes in a wide array of different styles. So, whether you’re looking for a long neck faucet or a semi-pro faucet, you will be able to find one that works for you. They even have touchless models available.

The Kohler Simplice: Key Features

Wondering what makes the Kohler Simplice such a popular line? We get it. That’s why we decided to take a look at the features that make it so popular, including the ones belo.

  • Response ® Technology. If you choose to go for the touchless option, you’re going to be pleased with this feature. The Kohler Simplice’s faucet sensors can turn on and off in a matter of 20 milliseconds!

  • Three-Function. Pulldown Sprayer. Kohler’s Sweep spray function has long been a favorite among people who want to douse their dishes quickly and effortlessly. Along with the Sweep spray, people also get Steam and Boost settings for faster rinsing.
  • Made for 1 or 3-Hole Sinks. If you have a standard sink setup, chances are high that the Kohler Simplice will work with it.
  • DockNetik ® Technology. If you’ve ever wanted to have a faucet that almost instinctively clicks into place, the Kohler Simplice’s DockNetik tech is going to make your dream come true.
  • ProMotion®. This feature gives you easy-to-maneuver spray hoses and swiveling technology. What this means for people who use your sink is fairly clear. Dealing with tough maneuvers will be a thing of the past!
  • MasterClean ™. If you’re worried about having a fussy kitchen faucet that constantly needs polishing, then you’re going to want a Simplice. This comes with MasterClean technology that keeps your faucet looking perfect.

The Kohler Simplice: Specs Chart

Part Number
Item Weight
1 pound
Product Dimensions
9.02 x 9.61 x 16.61 inches
Item model number
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer
9 x 10.5 x 16.6 inches
Vibrant Stainless
High Arch
Installation Method
Deck Mounted
Item Package Quantity
Flow Rate
1.5 GPM
Water Consumption
1.5 GPM
Number Of Holes
Spout Height
9.63 inches
Spout Reach
9 inches
Handle/Lever Placement
Included Components
Escutcheon Plate

Is It ADA-Compliant?

Trying to find a kitchen faucet that has all the features you want is tough, especially if you need to find a faucet that is ADA-compliant. This is where the Kohler Simplice shines. Not only is it stylish and highly functional, but it’s also made to the ADA’s top standards.

So, yes, it is compliant with ADA standards. We strongly suggest this model for families who have mobility-related issues.

Our Final Take: The Kohler Simplice

It’s exceedingly hard to find a kitchen faucet that can truly be called a work of art, but Kohler managed to make one. The Kohler Simplice line is nothing short of spectacular when it comes to both form and function. If anything, the Simplice series is a good example of why Kohler is one of the top brands in its category. It’s just that good.

If you’re seeking out an ADA-compliant kitchen faucet with all the bells and whistles money can buy, you’re going to want to get a Simplice. If you’re looking for a faucet that’s basic, boring, or drab, keep looking. The Kohler Simplice line is not for you.

Kohler Levity Shower Door Review – Is It Really That Luxurious?

When it comes to designing a luxury shower, every little detail counts. Visually, the shower door you choose can matter just as much as the interior of the shower or tub you want to get. That’s why it makes sense to get the most elegant shower door imaginable. It’s like the gateway into your own personal spa!

Kohler’s Levity Shower Door line is known for having that hypermodern, almost stark look to a shower door that makes a bathroom look elegant. Its sleek appearance makes it a perfect pairing for almost any bathroom remodeling style—modern, contemporary, retro…You name it.

Like with most of Kohler’s bathroom remodeling gear, the Levity Shower Door is actually a series of different shower doors featuring multiple sizes. Though the sizes may differ, the door’s design always remains the same. We love it, and so will you. Here’s why…

Why Choose This Shower Door Over Others?

Kohler Levity Shower Door ReviewA frameless shower door is a beautiful thing, regardless of what design items you tend to want to get. Frameless doors have become the most popular style in the past decade because they look clean, elegant, and effortless. Kohler’s Levity line does it amazingly well with a barely-noticeable hinge and light silvery accents near creases.

What people love about the Levity line is that it offers up an extra level of functionality through its door design. It’s designed to be easy to install thanks to its innovative adjustable rollers, and comes with a sliding center guide that makes opening and closing the doors a seamless endeavor.

Basically, it’s a stylish door that takes little effort to install and offers up a professional-grade output. What more can you want?

Top Features

If you’re looking for a feature-filled shower door that will look amazing in your bathroom, this is it. Here’s what makes the Kohler Levity shower door line so popular:

  • Frameless Tempered Glass. Love the idea of a glass shower door, but don’t want to have a door prone to chipping or cracking? Crystal Clear technology will make sure your glass lasts and lasts…without the faded plastic-y look of older forms of tempered glass.
  • Silent Sliding Action. The cushioned center is what makes it noiseless.
  • Elegant Vertical Blade Handles. They’re grippable, modern, and have that gorgeous brushed metal look that works well with almost any shower design.
  • Easy Clean Tech. ClearCoat glass treatments on both sides of the doors mean you won’t have to scrub away at water marks as often as usual. This treatment means water and other liquids get repelled by the coating.
  • Gently Curved Towel Racks. On some options in the Levity line, you get to enjoy gently curved towel racks that can hold thick towels and also look amazing.
  • Availability in Standard Bath and Shower Sizes. If you’re looking for a shower door that will fit your home’s design and sizes, this is it. The Kohler Levity Line comes in a very respectable variety of sizes, making it a versatile design line.

Specs Chart

Part Number
Item Weight
60 pounds
Product Dimensions
39.88 x 3.88 x 68.5 inches
Item model number
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer
Matte Nickel
Installation Method
Item Package Quantity
Included Components

Is It ADA-Compliant?

If you are looking for an ADA-compliant shower door due to limited mobility or being wheelchair-bound, then we have some news for you. While Kohler’s Levity line is designed to be easy to use, it is not considered to be ADA-compliant.

People who want to enjoy a quality shower door that has a non-compliant design can through the Levity series. However, this series is not recommended for people who need ADA-compliant, mobility-ready equipment in their bathrooms. Due to the sliding doors and the height, we strongly encourage people who need ADA-compliant goods to seek out a different door.


The Kohler Levity Shower Door collection is everything that a high-end shower door design should be. It’s got an effortlessly sleek look that works wonderfully with modern bathroom concepts and also has a squeak-proof sliding mechanism that means opening and closing the door will be easy as pie.

The door itself is designed to make bathroom upkeep as simple as possible. Unlike other doors, the shower door is made with a water-repelling treatment that decreases the amount of cleaning time you may have. Better still, it’s made with specialized tempered glass that’s built to last and last.

The bottom line is that most homeowners will love the idea of having a high-quality shower door that adds a pinch of spa-like style to their place. The Kohler Levity line does all that, and manages to do it without being ridiculously hard on the wallet. That makes it an excellent purchase, no matter who you are.