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Top Rated Walk-in Tubs [Based On Consumer Reviews]

For seniors and people with limited mobility, some of the biggest fall risks are right inside your bathroom. Water can pool and…

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Convert tub to walk in shower

 How To Convert Tub To Walk In Shower [Read This First]

Stigma of tubs converted into walk-in showers is mainly centered on the idea that only older people need such designs. However, recent…

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Medicare Walk In Tub

Will Medicare Pay For My Walk In Tub In 2020: Your Step By Step Guide

Medicare walk in tubs can be vital for health and wellbeing, but can be cost prohibitive. Medicare is a federal health insurance…

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kohler walk in tub

Are Kohler Walk In Tubs Really That Good? [Find Out Now]

There are a lot of different walk in tubs on the market, but Kohler is a trusted brand that makes excellent products.…

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safe step walk in tub

Safe Step Walk-in Tub Review – How Much Does It Really Cost?

Remaining in your home can be a challenge when certain age- and physical-related difficulties pop up. Safe Step has a number of…

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