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The 5 Best Jacuzzi Walk In Tubs – [2022 Reviews & Rankings]

best Jacuzzi walk in tub 2020

If you are looking for a walk-in tub that offers more than just a simple bath, then a walk-in jacuzzi tub or walk-in jacuzzi tub shower is a great option.

These types of tubs tend to offer more luxury features than other walk-in tubs and even though that may lead you to think they are more expensive, there are still budget-friendly options.

Whether you have mobility issues that require the use of a walk-in tub or you just want a more spa-like experience while you bathe, a walk-in jacuzzi tub might be just the thing you need. 

Comparing the Best Jacuzzi Walk In Tub for 2021

Walk-in jacuzzi tubs provide a luxurious bathing experience, whether you are getting a model designed for those with mobility issues or just getting a standard jacuzzi tub for your bathroom. 

Do you want to enjoy the spa-like experience a jacuzzi tub offers but don’t know if one will fit into your budget? Jacuzzi walk-in tubs cost less than you may think. There are obviously some high-end, highly expensive brands out there but anyone can find a tub to fit within their budget. 

In the light of, Jacuzzi walk-in tubs provide all kinds of features, from safety grab bars and non-slip floors for those who need them to massage systems comprised of dozens of air and/or water jets.

You can even find jacuzzi tubs with built-in speakers so you can enjoy listening to music while you bathe. Below are our top picks for jacuzzi walk-in bathtubs, ranging from simple to luxurious and everything in between.

Reviewing the Top 5 Products 

Product NameTop Feature WarrantyCheck Price
ARIEL BT-150150 Whirlpool Bathtub with Hydro MassageDesigned to seat two people10-year warranty on tub components
2-year warranty on electrical components
Ariel EZWT-3060-DUAL-R 618 air jets and 6 water jets10-year warranty on tub components
2-year warranty on electrical components
60" x 30" Companion Massage Walk In TubTwo-seat companion tub Lifetime limited warranty on door, frame, and shell
5-year warranty on parts
Signature Bath LPI5430-A-RD Budget-friendly 1-year manufacturers warranty
American Standard 30"x52" Left Hand27 jets in total: 21 air jets, 6 water jets Lifetime warranty on door seal
Limited 10-year warranty on tub
5-year warranty on parts

1. ARIEL BT-150150 Whirlpool Bathtub with Hydro Massage

jacuzzi walk in tub

First of all, this budget-friendly whirlpool jacuzzi walk-in tub from Ariel is a great way to share a relaxing bath. This tub seats two people and the beautiful design makes it an excellent addition to any bathroom.

Not to mention, this tub comes with 18 massage jets, distributed on and around both of the seats. The jets are a mixture of both air and water jets, allowing for deep but gentle massages wherever you made need one.

Features You Cant Ignore

In addition, there is also a whirlpool bath system. Tub features include a handheld showerhead, heat pump, and hose. Additional luxury features include a built-in microcomputer, LCD control panel, FM radio, and CD connector. There is also a waterproof remote control speaker system complete with a microphone. 

After all, the Ariel BT-150150 is 60in x 30in x 60in and weighs 190lbs. It can hold up to 119 gallons of water. The tub is made from acrylic and includes tempered glass in some areas. It has a center drain.

  • Designed to fit two people
  • FM radio and CD connector
  • Speaker system
  • 18 massage jets
  • Budget-friendly
  • Only comes in 220v

2. Ariel EZWT-3060 – Jacuzzi Walk In Tub For Small Spaces

jacuzzi walk in tubThis is a simpler option from Ariel that is designed for people with mobility or pain issues that necessitate a walk-in jacuzzi tub. 

In addition, tub is certified ADA compliant so you know that it has all the necessary safety features. These include a textured, no-slip tub floor, built-in grab bar, and a reinforced, airtight door system. The door is inward swinging.

There are 18 air jets and six whirlpool jets, all with in-line heaters, included on this tub. They are positioned to provide massages to your legs, feet, lower back, and sides. 

In conclusion, the Ariel EZWT-3060-DUAL-R 6 Whirlpool is made from hi-gloss triple Gelcoat and reinforced fiberglass resin. This is a freestanding unit with adjustable feet, making it a great option for a variety of bathroom layouts. It measures 60in x 30in x 37in and weighs 280lbs. 

  • 18 air jets and 6 whirlpool jets
  • ADA compliant
  • No massage jets along the upper back and shoulders
  • No quick drain system or fast-fill faucet

3. 60″ x 30″ Companion Massage Walk In Tubjacuzzi walk in tub

First of all, This tub from Ella’s Bubbles is another two-seat companion tub. It comes in two options: a soaking tub or a massage tub. The soaking tub has the same exact design and safety features as the massage tub, without the water jets, air jets, or microbubble therapy.

Moreover, the Companion massage walk in tub has a 15 air jet system with three speeds of airflow and an auto-purge system. There are also 18 water jets with in-line heaters.

Additional Satisfying Features

Microbubble therapy is included as well in order to help exfoliate your skin and encourage circulation. There is a dual drain system to help drain the tub as quickly as possible once you are finished with your bath.

Last but not least, there is also a thermostat control valve to change the temperature of your bath as needed.Safety features include one grab bar, a slip-resistant floor, and a low step threshold. The tub has an acrylic shell that is reinforced with a fiberglass gel coat. It measures 60in x 30in x 42in and both seats measure 20in across. It weighs 220lbs and has an inward swinging door.

  • Two seats
  • 15 air jets and 18 water jets
  • Dual drain system
  • Microbubble therapy
  • Only one grab bar by the tub door
  • Not ADA certified
  • More expensive than other tubs on this list (massage option)

4. Signature Bath LPI5430-A-RD Walkin Air Injection Bathtub with Right Drain and Door, 54″ x 30″ x 38″, White

jacuzzi walk in tub Signature Bath LPI5430-A-RD is a budget-friendly option that is good for people with mobility issues who need a walk-in jacuzzi tub shower. 

Second of all, tub has 10 water jets and 15 air jets. These are situated to provide leg, sides, and lower back massage. The air jets have heated blowers and the water jets have temperature maintenance so you never need to worry about your bath growing cold. There is a handheld shower hose and a beautiful Roman tub faucet.

Lastly, the safety features include both a no-slip floor and no-slip seat. There is also a stainless steel grab bar and a safety door drain. The tub has a high-luster acrylic shell that is coated with fiberglass resin. It measures 54in x 30in x 38in and weighs 155lbs. A drain kit with overflow is included with the tub. The door is inward swinging. 

  • 10 water jets and 15 air jets
  • Budget-friendly
  • Roman tub faucet
  • Handheld shower hose
  • Relatively simple compared to other jacuzzi walk-in tubs
  • No fast-fill faucet or quick drain system

5. American Standard 30″x52″ Left Hand Outward Opening Door Value Series Walk in Combo Whirlpool and Air Spa in White

jacuzzi walk in tub American Standard Jacuzzi walk in tub  is designed for those with mobility issues and for those that are looking to have a little spa time to themselves. It includes both safety and luxury features that make a safe and enjoyable bath.

Furthermore, this tub features 21 air jets with heated blowers and an auto-purge system to rid the jets of water. There are also six water jets with in-line heaters for an excellent legs-only massage.

Moreover, this model has both a fast-fill faucet and quick drain system, meaning you will wait less for your tub to fill up and drain. There is also a handheld shower head.

Your Safety Is A Priority

As far as safety features go, this tub has a grab bar, textured floor to avoid slips, and a comfortable, contoured seat. It has an outward swinging door. 

All in all, tub is 52in x 30in x 40in and it comes with a tub extender to help with fitting it into your current tub space. It is made from hi-gloss Gelcoat and the fixtures are polished chrome. This model is also available with a right-hand drain. It is designed to be installed into a three-wall alcove.

  • 21 air jets and 6 water jets
  • Great option for those with mobility issues
  • Fast-fill faucet and quick drain system
  • The owner’s manual isn’t very detailed

Buyer’s Guide

Mobility issues: If you need a walk-in tub because of mobility or pain issues, you need more than just a jacuzzi tub. You need a specially designed walk-in tub that includes safety features to allow an independent bathing experience, whether you suffer from arthritis or are a wheelchair user. Not every jacuzzi tub includes these safety features. Your best bet is to find a tub that is ADA certified to ensure that you are getting the correct type.

  • Grab bars: Any ADA compliant tub is going to have at least one grab bar. These make it easier to lift yourself in and out of the tub.
  • Non-slip/textured floors: The whole point of a walk-in tub for someone with mobility issues is to avoid slipping and falling. Floors with textured surfaces or made from non-slip materials are also a must-have.

Jacuzzi walk-in tub price: The price of these tubs can range from $1,000 to upwards of $6,000 or more. The price depends on many factors, including features like massage jets, touch-screen controls, chromotherapy or aromatherapy options, speakers for music, and more. Tubs designed for those with mobility issues tend to be more expensive than standard jacuzzi tubs but this isn’t a hard rule.

Additional Things to Consider Before Buying

Tub surround: Some tubs need to be installed into a pre-existing tub surround, be it a three-wall alcove or just one wall. Other tubs are free-standing and can be installed into any type of bathroom surround configuration (or lack thereof). 

Size and shape: Typically, you should buy a tub that is the safe size and general shape as your current bathtub. This makes it easy to install the tub without any remodeling required. If you are getting a freestanding unit, you have a little more flexibility with this as the unit does not necessarily have to fit into an existing tub surround.

The shape is important for the same reason. If your current tub is rectangular and the tub you want is designed to fit into a corner, you may need to do some remodeling in order for the new tub to fit into your bathroom.

Massage jets: There are two types of massage jets: air jets and water jets (also called hydro jets). 

  • Air jets: Air jets provide massage by pumping air. This is often heated and some tubs have speed and/or pressure controls for the jets as well.
  • Water jets: You will also see these called hydro jets. These jets pump heated water in order to provide a relaxing massage. 

Luxury features: The sky is the limit when it comes to all of the different features a jacuzzi walk-in tub could include. Some come with sound systems, complete with speakers, FM radio, MP3 hook-ups, and/or CD players. You can also find tubs with aromatherapy or chromotherapy options. You will often pay a lot more for these features but they are nice to have if you can afford them.

Get Your Jacuzzi Walk In Tub Now!

Jacuzzi walk-in tub costs have a huge range but you can bet that you’ll be able to find the perfect one for you regardless of your budget. Anyone can enjoy a jacuzzi walk-in tub. There are tubs designed with those with mobility issues in mind, tubs designed for couples, and tubs designed for a simple, relaxing jacuzzi experience from the comfort of your own bathroom.

Walk-in jacuzzi tub prices don’t have to be scary: as you can see from this list, there are quite a few affordable options that still provide the luxuries you want out of a jacuzzi tub. Whatever your needs and whatever your budget, you will be able to find a tub that suits you. For more information about walk in tubs click here!

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