Kohler Archer Bathtub Review: Is It As Epic As They Say?

Kohler has been known to make large lines of products live under a single name, and so far, the Archer line has been one of their largest “umbrella” lines. This line isn’t just filled with bathtubs, but also includes shower doors, sinks, and more. For the sake of this review, we’re going to focus on their bathtub series.

As we all know, Kohler makes a darned good bathtub, especially when you’re talking about an illustrious line like the Archer series. This series features roomy, carefully sculpted bathtubs that have molded lumbar supports and deep soaking depths—and that’s just with the starter models!

People who are looking into a new bathroom remodeling project would be wise to check out this epic series of tubs. This review will give you a good idea of what to expect from their basic models and beyond…

Why Choose The Kohler Archer Over Other Bathtubs?

Kohler Archer Bathtub ReviewThere are tons of bathtubs out on the market, but few have the amount of comfort and functionality that the Kohler Archer series boasts. This series has a wide range of tubs ranging in size and shape—all of which have that lovely modern appeal that gives your bathroom that “newly remodeled look.”

Like with all other products from Kohler, the Archer series is one that prides itself on being sturdy and durable. If you have very rambunctious kids or just want to make sure your bathtub lasts, getting a Kohler Archer tub is a great way to ensure you have a tub that you can count on.

The Kohler name speaks for itself, but the Archer line takes it to a different level. Along with a design that works beautifully with most style concepts, the Archer series is built to last. For a standard tub, that’s a great look.


The Kohler Archer series is not meant to be a luxury bathtub, but that doesn’t mean that it’s free of features. If you choose to grab an Archer bathtub for your home’s renovation, you get to enjoy these awesome perks as part of your new bathroom:

  • Multiple Colors and Drain Placements. The hardest part for any major bathroom remodel is finding a tub that works with your unique setup…and your vision. The biggest perk of the Archer series is that you get a very wide range of colors and setups available to you. In short, this offers designers a major perk in terms of versatility and style choice.
  • Slotted Overflow. The slotted overflow is there to let you get a deeper soak than ever before, without having to worry about spillage.
  • Integral Flange and Aprons. If you were worried about having overflow on the outside or inside of the tub, the Archer series has you covered. Each model comes with special spillage preventative measures including an apron build and an integrated flange.
  • Molded Lumbar Support. The lumbar support gives you that extra comfort for your long soaking times.
  • Textured Bottoms. If you were concerned about slipping, you’ll be thrilled to know that it won’t be an issue here. Textured bottoms offer your feet extra grip.
  • Coordinates with Other Archer Products. The cool thing about the Archer series is that you don’t just get a bathtub; you get a huge family of products that all match each other’s design. For people who love a little unity in their bathroom design, the Archer series is a true gold standard.

Specs Chart

Part Number
Item Weight
85 pounds
Product Dimensions
75.13 x 49.13 x 27.75 inches
Item model number
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer
Installation Method
Three Wall Alcove

Is This ADA-Compliant?

Most of the Kohler Archer series is ADA-compliant, which means that people who have limited mobility should definitely consider getting one of the tubs from this series. That being said, not all of the Archer tubs out there are ADA-compliant.

The majority of the Archer series tubs that fit ADA standards involve alcove setups and are made of reinforced acrylic. If you aren’t sure where to find ADA compliance information, please search up the make and model of the Archer tub you’re interested in before you order it.


Many might say that the Kohler Archer series is a “basic” model series, but is it really that bad? This series sets a gold standard for people who want that perfect mix between versatility, comfort, durability, and style. The features alone speak volumes about this tub series’ value—it’s worth every penny.

If you’re in the market for a basic bathtub that has a little upscale flair, then the Archer series will fit you like a glove. However, if you’re looking for a more spa-like vibe to your bathroom, you might want to check out one of Kohler’s more decadent lines.

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