Kohler Levity Shower Door Review – Is It Really That Luxurious?

When it comes to designing a luxury shower, every little detail counts. Visually, the shower door you choose can matter just as much as the interior of the shower or tub you want to get. That’s why it makes sense to get the most elegant shower door imaginable. It’s like the gateway into your own personal spa!

Kohler’s Levity Shower Door line is known for having that hypermodern, almost stark look to a shower door that makes a bathroom look elegant. Its sleek appearance makes it a perfect pairing for almost any bathroom remodeling style—modern, contemporary, retro…You name it.

Like with most of Kohler’s bathroom remodeling gear, the Levity Shower Door is actually a series of different shower doors featuring multiple sizes. Though the sizes may differ, the door’s design always remains the same. We love it, and so will you. Here’s why…

Why Choose This Shower Door Over Others?

Kohler Levity Shower Door ReviewA frameless shower door is a beautiful thing, regardless of what design items you tend to want to get. Frameless doors have become the most popular style in the past decade because they look clean, elegant, and effortless. Kohler’s Levity line does it amazingly well with a barely-noticeable hinge and light silvery accents near creases.

What people love about the Levity line is that it offers up an extra level of functionality through its door design. It’s designed to be easy to install thanks to its innovative adjustable rollers, and comes with a sliding center guide that makes opening and closing the doors a seamless endeavor.

Basically, it’s a stylish door that takes little effort to install and offers up a professional-grade output. What more can you want?

Top Features

If you’re looking for a feature-filled shower door that will look amazing in your bathroom, this is it. Here’s what makes the Kohler Levity shower door line so popular:

  • Frameless Tempered Glass. Love the idea of a glass shower door, but don’t want to have a door prone to chipping or cracking? Crystal Clear technology will make sure your glass lasts and lasts…without the faded plastic-y look of older forms of tempered glass.
  • Silent Sliding Action. The cushioned center is what makes it noiseless.
  • Elegant Vertical Blade Handles. They’re grippable, modern, and have that gorgeous brushed metal look that works well with almost any shower design.
  • Easy Clean Tech. ClearCoat glass treatments on both sides of the doors mean you won’t have to scrub away at water marks as often as usual. This treatment means water and other liquids get repelled by the coating.
  • Gently Curved Towel Racks. On some options in the Levity line, you get to enjoy gently curved towel racks that can hold thick towels and also look amazing.
  • Availability in Standard Bath and Shower Sizes. If you’re looking for a shower door that will fit your home’s design and sizes, this is it. The Kohler Levity Line comes in a very respectable variety of sizes, making it a versatile design line.

Specs Chart

Part Number
Item Weight
60 pounds
Product Dimensions
39.88 x 3.88 x 68.5 inches
Item model number
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer
Matte Nickel
Installation Method
Item Package Quantity
Included Components

Is It ADA-Compliant?

If you are looking for an ADA-compliant shower door due to limited mobility or being wheelchair-bound, then we have some news for you. While Kohler’s Levity line is designed to be easy to use, it is not considered to be ADA-compliant.

People who want to enjoy a quality shower door that has a non-compliant design can through the Levity series. However, this series is not recommended for people who need ADA-compliant, mobility-ready equipment in their bathrooms. Due to the sliding doors and the height, we strongly encourage people who need ADA-compliant goods to seek out a different door.


The Kohler Levity Shower Door collection is everything that a high-end shower door design should be. It’s got an effortlessly sleek look that works wonderfully with modern bathroom concepts and also has a squeak-proof sliding mechanism that means opening and closing the door will be easy as pie.

The door itself is designed to make bathroom upkeep as simple as possible. Unlike other doors, the shower door is made with a water-repelling treatment that decreases the amount of cleaning time you may have. Better still, it’s made with specialized tempered glass that’s built to last and last.

The bottom line is that most homeowners will love the idea of having a high-quality shower door that adds a pinch of spa-like style to their place. The Kohler Levity line does all that, and manages to do it without being ridiculously hard on the wallet. That makes it an excellent purchase, no matter who you are.

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