Kohler Sensate Review – Is It The Perfect Fit For Your Kitchen?

Kohler Sensate Review

When you’re putting together you dream kitchen, it’s important to make sure that you have all the little details done just right. We’re not just talking about having the right plumbing parts, or having the right kitchen tables, either. We’re talking about having the right faucets for your kitchen sink.

Kohler’s Sensate line has been a mainstay among kitchen interior design companies for ages thanks to its elegant yet simple appearance. Though it’s easy to find faucets with a similar appearance, Kohler still remains one of the most popular brands for faucets. Did you ever wonder what makes the Sensate so popular?

Like many parts of the Kohler brand, the Kohler Sensate isn’t just one faucet. It’s multiple under the same line. Here’s why so many people want to have a Sensate in their kitchen, and why it’s the right line for you.

Why Choose The Kohler Sensate Over Other Faucets?

Kohler Sensate Review The Kohler Sensate is not your typical faucet. With its elegant “swan neck” design and its beautiful polished material, it’s easy to see why people who want a modern or industrial-look kitchen love it. However, the look alone isn’t the only thing that makes this faucet great.

Each Sensate faucet comes with a touchless sensor that can turn on and off within a matter of 20 milliseconds. To ensure easy spraying, the Sensate line also comes with a sprayer head that magnetically docks and clicks into place.

To make sure that your Sensate keeps looking (and performing) as well, each Sensate also comes with built in ceramic disc joints, ball joints, and braided hoses. This keeps your sink working smoothly for years to come, all without the worry of rust or difficult maneuvering.

The Kohler Sensate: Key Features

If you ever thought that a kitchen faucet could have only a few features, think again. The Kohler Sensate makes a point of showing how feature-filled a sink’s faucet can truly be. These features below are the most popular:

  • Kohler Sensate Review Multiple Colors Available. You can choose from regular chrome, back, or even a titanium-to-rose gold appearance. The Sensate works with our design vision, no matter what that vision is.
  • Response ® Technology. This gives users a 20milliscond response time for turning the Sensate on and off. A quick wave of the hand makes this touchless sensor go!
  • Two-Function Pulldown Sprayer. If you need a special spritz of water, you’re going to like the Sensate’s two-function sprayer. You can choose from an aerated spray, or their trademarked Sweep spray.
  • DockNetik ® Technology. This tech makes your sprayer click into place faster than ever, using high-powered magnets. People who have a hard time wth traditionally-docking faucets are going to love having this perk.
  • ProMotion®. This awesome tech gives you one of the most easy to maneuver ball joint and braided steel hoses in the industry. To further ensure high-quality dexterity, the Sensate also comes with a ceramic swivel disc that lets you turn and twist the faucet with ease.
  • MasterClean ™. Worried about having to polish your faucet with difficulty? MasterClean makes the Sensate easier to clean than any of its counterparts and also reduces the amount of cleaning you need to do to keep it looking great.

The Kohler Sensate Faucet: Specs

Part Number
Item Weight
8.6 pounds
Product Dimensions
28.63 x 12.31 x 3.06 inches
Item model number
Titanium to Rose Gold
Installation Method
Deck Mounted

Is It ADA-Compliant?

With its elegant appearance and its absolutely impressive high-tech build, it’s easy to see why so many people tend to assume that it’s perfect for everyone. That’s a safe assumption to make in this case, since the Kohler is ADA-compliant, too.

The Sensate’s ADA-compliant marks mean that this is a great faucet for anyone who is dealing with mobility issues. We strongly suggest it for families who are working with a family member who is disabled.

The Kohler Sensate: Our Final Take

There are very few faucet designs that are considered to be “perfect” by interior designers, but the Kohler Sensate is one of them. This beautiful sink faucet is the ideal blend between form and fashion, and that’s impossible to deny.

This is the type of kitchen faucet that makes you rethink what you know about faucets, plumbing, and interior design. Between its ultra-high-tech build and its superb durability, it’s safe to say that any kitchen that has a Sensate in it is a lucky one, indeed.

Is it the right one for you? Absolutely. There’s no kitchen in the world that doesn’t get a little boost from the Sensate’s awesome power. Knowing that, we strongly encourage anyone who wants the best of the best to look into buying one of these for their home.

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