Kohler Stargaze Bathtub Review

Kohler Freestanding bath tub

Kohler Stargaze Freestanding Bathtub

After a hard day at work or any other time people need to unwind, soaking in a tub can be a relaxing pastime. Regular bathing in a bathtub can also aid in reducing stress, bodily discomfort, and inflammation. In fact, bathtubs are no longer seen as a luxury and are quickly turning into a necessity in most households.

If the decision to install a bathtub has been made, the next step would be to have a brainstorming session with the family and the interior designer regarding the size, style, and colour that will perfectly suit their style and satisfy their bathing demands. While there are several other bathtub brands, Kohler is one of the most reputable companies selling high-quality bathtubs. This post will evaluate the various characteristics of the Kohler Stargaze Freestanding Bathtub to help people decide if it’s the best fit for their bathroom. The tub’s ergonomic design, deep soaking and relaxation features, and lumbar support at both ends allow for a comfortable stretch.


What is a Freestanding Tub?

A freestanding tub is a bathtub that rests directly on the bathroom floor and has all four sides exposed. They frequently function as a focal point, drawing people’s attention right away as they enter the restroom.


Bathtub Installation

The tub can be stationed anywhere in the washroom as it does not need wall support. Water and drainage are the only parts that need to be set up but these things can be installed easily.

Apply copious amounts of silicone glue to the support blocks at the base of the bath (adding shims as necessary). With assistance, carefully raise the bath onto the block spacers and over the apron. All drain fittings and connections must be secured. Then install a rim-mount faucet and a bath filler that can be mounted to the ceiling or floor. Close the bath drain and support the rim-mount faucet with enough backer board. When the bathtub is full, check for leaks.


Highlighted Features

  • The bathing area’s remarkable focal point is created by the freestanding design.
  • Both ends have integral lumbar support at a twenty one degree slope.
  • The 16″ (406 mm) depth allows for a deep soak.
  • Easy installation and support for stepping into and out of the bath provided by the wide deck along one side.
  • Textured bottom surface that is slip resistant.
  • Middle drain.
  • Fluted shroud.


About the Shape

Kohler Stargaze Freestanding tub is rectangular in shape and is made of lightweight, flex-resistant acrylic.


Deep Soaking

The tub is 15.69 inches deep. This allows people to soak their entire bodies and relax completely.



The Kohler Stargaze Bathtub is available in two colors:

  • White
  • Biscuit



Kohler Warranty

The tub is covered under the KOHLER® Plastic Baths and Shower Bases Lifetime Limited Warranty. Furthermore, upto a year after installation, Kohler plumbing products are guaranteed to be free of manufacturing and material flaws (one-year warranty). 



Kohler Stargaze Freestanding Tub Specs Chart

Length and Breadth: 72x36mm

Basin area, bottom: 50″ x 24-1/2″ (1270 mm x 622 mm)

Basin area, top: 61″ x 27-1/2″ (1549 mm x 699 mm)

Weight: 152 lbs (68.9 kg)

Minimum Floor Load: 48.8 lbs/ft² (238.3 kg/m²)

Water Depth: 15-11/16″ (398 mm)

Water Capacity: 90 gal (340.7 L)


ADA Non-Compliant

The fact that this tub is so deep is one of its best features. This is fantastic for long, soothing soaks but may be challenging for people with mobility concerns.  As a result, the tub is not ADA compliant. This means that the tub is not suitable for individuals that have mobility problems, such as the disabled and the elderly.


Customer Reviews

While the majority of customers are amazed by the bathtub’s size, water capacity, and its modern and sleek design, some users have complained about the bathtub’s frail edge and the fact that the tub comes in two separate pieces.



  • Slip-resistant bath floor
  • Includes clear plastic protective cover
  • Deep basin
  • Molded lumbar support for extreme comfort
  • Simple installation



  • It could seem tough to adequately clean this tub despite the fact that it has a textured bottom
  • Due to the tub border’s flimsy construction, avoid applying any pressure to the bathtub’s edge
  • Recommended drain (K-7625 or K-37385) is sold separately 


Why Choose Kohler Stargaze Freestanding Bathtub?

Freestanding bathtubs from Kohler are considered among the best. They mimic a pleasant feel to the touch. As a result of the freestanding bathtub’s popularity in the American market, people choose it for its looks. Freestanding tubs are unique, and they elicit a feeling of luxury— in fact, most high-end spas have them. Furthermore, a pleasant, warm, relaxing dip at home is made possible by the Kohler Stargaze Freestanding Bathtub’s remarkable heat retention capacity and ergonomic design.

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