Kohler Verticyl Sink Review – 2022 Edition

Verticyl is a line of bathroom sinks from Kohler. These under-mount sinks are functional with simple elegance, in an affordable price range.

With five different options in the Verticyl line, there is a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. This offers a Verticyl sink option for every bathroom. The under-mount installation makes it simple to install and looks as though it was built for your bathroom.

This durable design is made from Vitreous China, one of the strongest sink materials available. You will never worry about how this sink will age, as it will look timeless for years to come.

  • Easy to install
  • Extremely durable coating
  • Available in many colors
  • Easy to clean
  • Deep basin
  • Four different shape options
  • ADA compliant
  • Flat bottom can be problematic


Deep Geometric Basin

For optimal usage, all Verticyl sinks are equipped with an extremely deep geometric basin, as well as vertical sides.

Various Shape Options

Whether you are looking to furnish a modern bathroom, your child’s bathroom, or looking for a more old-world style, there is a shape for every bathroom in the Verticyl line.

  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Round
  • Oval


Vitreous china is an enamel coating that is applied to Verticyl sinks. This coating makes these sinks extremely tough and dense, making it last for years to come.

Seamless Installation

With the Verticyl sink line, there are no faucet holes and it requires a wall-or counter-mount faucet. Undermount installation allows seamless integration to any bathroom.

Color Options

With a color option for every bathroom, from light to dark.

  • White
  • Honed White
  • Biscuit
  • Almond
  • Dune
  • Ice™ Grey
  • Sandbar
  • Mexican Sand™
  • Cashmere
  • Thunder™ Grey
  • Black Black™


As with all Kohler products, you will receive a One-Year Limited Warranty. This covers your sink from all manufacturer defects for the first year.

Built-In Overflow Drain

Whether this item is for your child’s room, or you happen to be a bit clumsy, the overflow drain protects from any accidents.

ADA Compliant

When installed to the specific requirements of product regulations these sinks are ADA compliant.

Specs Sheet

Bowl configurationSingle
Bowl diameterK-2883: 13-3/4" (349 mm)
Included components1193643 Basin clamps
Drain hole1-3/4" (44 mm)
Recommended Products/Accessories
  • K-8998 P-Trap

  • K-23726 Drain treatment

  • K-23725 Cast iron cleaner
  • ASME A112.19.2/CSA B45.1

  • ADA

  • ICC/ANSI A117.1
Bowl length/strong>
  • K-8188: 11-1/16" (280 mm)

  • K-8189: 15-1/4" (387 mm)

  • K-2881: 17" (432 mm)

  • K-2882: 17-1/4" (438 mm)
Model number
  • K-8188: Square

  • K-8189: Rectangle

  • K-2881: Oval

  • K-2882: Rectangle

  • K-2883: Round
Water depth
  • K-8188: 3-1/4" (83 mm)

  • K-8189: 3-7/16" (88 mm)

  • K-2881: 3-1/8" (79 mm)

  • K-2882: 3-1/8" (79 mm)

  • K-2883: 3-1/8" (79 mm)
Color optionsK-8188, K-8189:
  • #0 White

  • #96 Biscuit

  • #NY Dune

  • #95 Ice™ Grey

  • #58 Thunder™ Grey

  • #7 Black Black™

K-2881, K-2882, K-2883:
  • #0 White

  • #HW1 Honed White

  • #96 Biscuit

  • #47 Almond

  • #NY Dune

  • #95 Ice™ Grey

  • #G9 Sandbar

  • #33 Mexican Sand™

  • #K4 Cashmere

  • #58 Thunder™ Grey

  • #7 Black Black™

Problematic Bottom

Due to the extremely flat bottom of these sinks, some customers have reported that the sink may leave a bit of water standing in the bottom after use. This creates the need to wipe the sink after using it.

Due to the fact that all water does not fully drain out, if you do not wipe the sink or at least clean weekly, you may have a mold issue. It is not reported as an issue that should prevent someone from purchasing the sink, but it is important to be aware of it.

Things to Be Aware of Before Purchasing

  • Install this product according to the installation instructions.
  • Countertop manufacturer or cutter must use the current product template available on the manufacturer website
  • Kohler Co. is not responsible for cutout errors when the incorrect cutout template is used. This means you must be very careful if you are placing granite or another top over this sink.

The Verticyl line of sinks from Kohler is similar to its other products, durable, high-quality, and suitable for many different styles of home. With various shapes and colors to choose from, you can match every bathroom in your home.

Whether you have children, or you are a bit forgetful, with a built-in overflow drain you will never need to worry about flooding.

This sink is essentially perfect for any home, and at a very affordable price. The only factor to look out for is the fact that there is a very flat bottom. Despite this, the Verticyl line of sinks is highly rated and very popular.

These sinks can be coordinated with other products in the Verticyl line or enjoyed on their own as a stand alone sink bowl. Install with ease, and enjoy your easy to clean, attractive, ADA compliant, and durable Kohler sink.

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