Are Kohler Walk In Tubs Really That Good? [Find Out Now]

kohler walk in tub 2020

There are a lot of different walk in tubs on the market, but Kohler is a trusted brand that makes excellent products. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some reviews and features that the Kohler walk in tub brings to your home so that you can see if it might be the right solution for you.

We’ll compare the Kohler Walk in Tub to traditional tubs and talk about the features and safety options that a Kohler Walk in Tub offers. 

Why Kohler Walk In Tub Is The Best Choice For  You

Majority of the customers have very positive reviews of the Kohler tub. They report that Kohler has brought a great service and installation team to the project. In fact, the memorable part of the whole tub buying process is the way that people are treated.

If we are treated well when we are making a purchase, we will have a positive experience with it. Customers report that Kohler made them feel satisfied and happy, and you can tell that Kohler takes their customers and their reviews seriously.

Customers also mention the peace of mind that comes through the warranty. If there are any problems that occur with the tub, they can be replaced without incurring much cost. Other customers talk about the ways that the brand name made them comfortable, and indeed Kohler clearly takes their own brand seriously. People have mentioned that they got quick service from Kohler local dealers when they asked for it.

How Much Do Kohler Walk In Tubs Cost?

Kohler walk in tubs cost between $5,000 to $8,000 for the tub itself, plus an additional $750 to $1,500 for installation. This will bring your total cost to between $5,750 to $9,500 in total.

Kohler Walk-In Tub Safety and Comfortkohler walk in tub

There are two main features of a tub that people are looking for. The safety and comfort of the tub matter essentially to the use of the product. Users of a safe step Kohler walk in tub want to remain safe, which means that they don’t experience any negative physical or mental effects from the tub. They also want to remain comfortable, which means both avoiding discomfort and actively experiencing comfort. 

Guaranteed Comfort

How does a kohler walk in tub facilitate this? There’s an extra wide door and handles that are easy to grip so that you can confidently get in and out of the bath. There is no way that you can enjoy the bathing experience if you are actually made uncomfortable or made to feel insecure by the prospect of getting into or out of your bath.

If you’re worried about getting in, you won’t want to enjoy your tub experience. If you’re worried about getting out, you won’t really settle in to the experience. Kohler facilitates comfort once you’ve entered the tub through the jets and hydrotherapy systems that they use. The whole experience is built to be like a spa, and the tub works to massage your whole body. They also understand that the whole buying and installation process needs to be simple and comprehensive so that you can enjoy the product.

Safe Step Reviewkohler walk in tub

Kohler tubs are designed with humans in mind. While it might seem like a super simple and basic idea, some tubs are designed with cost in mind. Other safe step tubs are designed with reviews in mind. But Kohler safe step tubs are designed specifically with the user in mind.

Kohler understands that literally the most important part of a tub is the way that a human interacts with it. Safe step tubs have a variety of requirements for users, and Kohler does their best to help with these things.

The experience of the tub is the value of the tub. It doesn’t matter how many features that the tub has if people don’t have a good experience with the tub. In order to build tubs for humans, Kohler tests their tubs extensively and obsesses over every single little detail. The details create the whole, and tubs are a summary of all of their parts. If something small in the corner of the tub goes wrong, this can be just as damaging as the tub not turning on.

What does safety ultimately mean? It means that all the parts work together in the tub to guide the user from one state to a better state. Staying safe in the tub means that the wellness of the person improves from the beginning to the end of the experience in the tub.

  • Good financing options
  • They offer discounts for veterans
  • They have a lifetime warranty
  • There are options for hybrid shower/tubs
  • The pricing is a bit difficult to ascertain
  • Installation can hit problems
  • Financing can be costly
  • Expensive

 Kohler Walk-In Tub vs. Traditional BathtubsKohler Walk In Tub

The main difference between a Kohler Walk-in Tub and Traditional Bathtub, from the beginning, is the point of entry. A Kohler Walk-in Tub is built with a low entrance, maybe only a few inches off the ground. With the entrance so low to the ground, it can be a lot easier and safer for people to climb into the tub.

The traditional bathtub, on the other hand, has higher sides. Not only is it more difficult to lift up your legs over the side of the tub but you also have to place your leg down on the other side of the tub.

Safety Guaranteed

This can be dangerous for some people, especially if the floor is wet. After a bath, especially, you’d have to climb out of the tub while wet. Many people don’t understand that the most difficult part of taking a bath in a traditional bathtub is getting out of the bath, not getting in.

Additionally, Kohler Walk-in Tubs are built for people who generally have health concerns that prevent them from using many traditional bathtub installations in a comfortable, safe manner. Because of this, they often contain additional features and jets. These additional features and the new type of entry often create higher costs, so Kohler Walk-in Tubs will generally cost more than installing a traditional bathtub.

Kohler Walk-in Tub Traditional Bathtub
Low entry door High sides
Jets and features Little features
High cost Lower cost
Safety and therapy features Little safety features

 Kohler Walk-In Tub Cost and Price Promisekohler walk in tub

Walk in tubs can be expensive, generally costing between 5 and 10 thousand dollars. The price fluctuates based on the model, the place that you’re installing it, and the features that you add to the walk in tub. At the lower end of the price point, you’ve got a tub with minimal features and that has an easy installation. At the higher end, you’ve got more features and has a bunch of extra features that must be installed. 

The Price Promise that Kohler Walk-In Tubs offer is quite simple. When you look into getting a tub, you get a quote that functions as a price promise. The quote is not simply an estimate or a possibility, it is the promise of the price that you will pay for your Kohler Walk-In Tub.

When you get the quote, there are no fees or extra costs. If service or installation runs a bit high, you won’t pay extra for it. And the quote includes the removal and disposal of your old tub. When you buy a Kohler Walk-In Tub, you’re getting exactly what you pay for. Kohler specialists come through with a full 32 point checklist to make sure that the cost you get quoted is the price you pay.

Kohler Walk-In Tub Warrantykohler lifetime warranty

When you’re paying so much for a Kohler Walk-In Tub, you might hope that the warranty is great! And it is. Kohler Walk-In Tubs come with a lifetime limited warranty.

While it doesn’t cover parts that break for just any reason or through normal use and wear and tear, it does cover things that have been defective through manufacturing. So if you can show that any parts or the tub itself has broken down through manufacturing defects, you can get free repairs and installations.

This can be frustrating at times for customers that don’t quite understand the warranty of the system. For example, the limited lifetime warranty doesn’t mean that Kohler Walk-In Tubs will be covered for parts that break because you’ve been using them or for parts that break during normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear wouldn’t be covered under Kohler Walk-In Tub limited lifetime warranty.

Kohler Walk-in Tub Complaints

The most common complaint for the Kohler Walk-In Tub is the time that it takes to install. While the price point is fixed according to the quote, the time that it takes to install can vary. Of course, this can represent an intrusion into your life. 

Other people complain about the price that a Kohler Walk-In Tub will run you. And yes, it is expensive. Make sure that you’ve fully assessed the cost before you begin with the financing and the project. Customers have complained about the expenses that have been driven by the cost of the tub.

However, one of the most common reasons that people get upset with the pricing is that they didn’t have the real price promise quote from Kohler before beginning. Definitely don’t begin to work with an independent contractor before working with Kohler. 


Kohler Walk-in Tub Q&A

Are there additional installation costs?

While there might be additional water heaters, plumbing systems, and electrical systems that are needed to support a Kohler Tub, they are generally included in installation costs.

Will Medicare or Medicaid help cover the cost of a walk-in tub or shower?Medicaid Walk In Tub

Medicare and Medicaid cover medical costs that are considered durable, and walk in tubs and showers from Kohler are not currently considered to be durable medical costs. So no, Medicare and Medicaid are not currently available to cover most walk-in tub and showers.

What does Kohler’s Price Promise mean?

It means that the price you get quoted is the price that you pay, down to the penny. You won’t pay extra money in surprise fees or unexpected costs.


Things To Consider Before Buying a Kohler Walk In Tub

There are a number of things that we should consider before buying a Kohler Walk-In Tub. The price and the warranty are the first things that you should consider. While the price can often be prohibitive and the warranty sounds great, they should enter into your financial calculations. If you can’t afford it, you’ll have to start looking into tax benefits, financing plans, Medicare and Medicaid that you can use, and any veterans benefits. 

After considering the cost, you should look into other models. While Kohler is a great brand with an excellent service team that is ready to help you, there are plenty of other walk in tub options that you should be considering. It can also help to get quotes from different companies and also to remind each of the options that you are getting quotes from different companies! Playing the competition against each other can assure you a slightly better price.

Tempted Buy A Kohler Bathtub Yet?

As we’ve seen in this article, the Kohler Walk in Tub can be a great service for many people who want to remain in their own home but need the additional safety and comfort that a walk in tub bathing solution can offer. While the cost can be high, they are excellent solutions. The design is intuitive and built for humans, and the customer service is built for real people as well. If you’re considering a walk in tub, the Kohler Walk in Tub should be on your list of considerations.

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