Safe Step Walk in Tub Review Safe step walk-in tubs are the best and most popular way for seniors and people with mobility issues to safely bathe from the comfort of their own home. If you’ve never purchased a walk-in tub before (or never even heard of them), factors like the safe step walk-in tub price and how to choose one can be a mystery.

Our safe step walk-in tubs reviews are designed to help you make an informed decision and give you a few ideas of tubs to look at before you make your final purchase.

Safe Step Walk-in Tubs 2019

The most important reasons to get a walk-in tub are safety and independence. If you have restricted mobility, chronic pain, or other issues that can make bathing in a normal tub difficult and unsafe, a walk-in tub can be a vital part of your life.

The ability to bathe independently means that you do not have to hire in-home caregivers, rely on family members to assist you, or have to move out of your home and into a a family member’s home or a care facility.

Walk-in tubs typically have no-slip surfaces, easy entry and exit, and features like grab bars and contoured seats to make bathing safe and easy. They may also include bonus features like massage jets that make them even better than your old tub or shower!

Safe Step Walk-in Tub Review

Product NameTop FeatureWarrantyCheck Price
Safety Tubs SSV5230RJ-BC 30"x52" Right Hand Value Series Jet Massage BiscuitFast-fill faucet Lifetime on door seal, 10-year on tub shell, 5-year on other components
American Standard 30"x60" Left Hand Premium Series Walk in Combo Whirlpool and Air Spa in WhiteHas both air and water jetsLifetime on door seal, limited 10-year on the bathtub, 5-year on components
Ella's Bubbles H3058 Deluxe Hydro Massage 30"x 55" WhiteDual air/water massage systemLimited lifetime on frame, door, door seal, and tub shell. 5-year on other components
American Standard 30"x52" Left Hand Outward Opening Door Value Series Walk in Combo Whirlpool and Air Spa in WhiteOutward swinging door is great for wheelchair usersLifetime on door seal, 10-year on tub shell, 5-year on other components
Front Entry Whirlpool Walk-In Tub Drain Location: LeftBudget-friendlyLifetime on door seal, 25-year on tub body, 5-year on the faucet

Safety Tubs SSV5230RJ-BC 30″x52″ Right Hand Value Series Jet Massage Biscuit

safe step walk in tub reviewThis right-hand tub provides hydro massage therapy with eight different water jets. It features an in-line heater to help keep water warm while you enjoy a long soak in your tub. The door swings inwards, has a low threshold for ease of entering and exiting the tub, and is contoured.

The tub also includes a handheld shower wand and grab bar. In addition to all the standard safety features, such as the textured floor, contoured seat, and handrails, this product also has an Ease of Use stamp from the Arthritis Foundation.

The tub is constructed of fiberglass and hi-gloss gel coat. It is 51.5”x29.8”x42” and 227 lbs. Should you need it, the tub comes with a tub extender kit. The tub comes in two colors, white and biscuit. The product listed here is a right-hand tub but this model is also available in a left-hand configuration. It is designed to fit into an alcove with three walls.


Pros Cons
  • Fast-fill faucet
  • Drains quickly
  • 8 water jets
  • Arthritis Foundation approved
  • In-line heater
  • The contoured door is an irregular shape and may not provide as much room as more standard walk-in tub doors
  • Needs an extender to fit into a standard space

American Standard 30″x60″ Left Hand Premium Series Walk in Combo Whirlpool and Air Spa in White

safe step walk in tub reviewsThis deluxe walk-in tub features 26 air jets and 13 water jets so that you can enjoy a relaxing massage while you bathe. The contoured seat also comes with a neck rest for both safety and comfort.

This is an easy to clean unit as it has a self-cleaning Ozone sanitation system to keep things running smoothly. It has both a fast-fill facuet and a quick drain so that you spend less time waiting for the water to fill and drain from the tub. At the bottom of the tub, a light system adds to the overall experience by providing chromatherapy.

This tub is 59.5”x29.8”x37.5” and weighs 239 lbs. It is made from fiberglass and hi-gloss gel coat. You have the option between white and linen for color and this model comes in both left- and right-hand configurations. A tub extender kit is included to allow you to fit the tub into a standard bathtub space. The tub is not freestanding and is designed to be installed into a three-wall alcove.


Pros Cons
  • Fast-fill faucet
  • Also drains quickly
  • Light system
  • 26 air jets and 13 water jets
  • Most expensive tub on this list
  • Required a tub extender kit to fit into a standard-sized space

Ella’s Bubbles H3058 Deluxe Hydro Massage 30″x 55″ White

safe step walk in tub This freestanding tub has a combination air and water jet system with 10 air jets and 12 water jets. The air massage system has three different speeds and an auto purge system to keep water out of the lines.

The water massage system has an in-line heater to keep the water warm and an Ozone self-cleaning system. The seat features removal neck and head support. There is a thermostat control faucet to make sure your water is always the correct temperature. Additionally, you are able to lower the threshold of the door to suit your needs. Chromotherapy lights on the bottom and aromatherapy make this tub feel like a true spa experience.

This safety step walk-in tub measures 30”x55”x38”, has a 20” wide seat, and weighs 150 lbs. It is made with a stainless steel frame, fiberglass, and chromium for extra durability. When purchasing the tub, you have the option between push-button or digital controls.


Pros Cons
  • Dual drain
  • Self-cleaning system in the water jets
  • Auto-purge in the air jets
  • Chromotherapy and aromatherapy
  • Freestanding
  • The faucet is slower to fill the tub

American Standard 30″x52″ Left Hand Outward Opening Door Value Series Walk in Combo Whirlpool and Air Spa in White

safe step walk in tub reviewsThis is another dual air/water massage jet tub that features 21 air jets and 6 water jets. The jets are positioned around the seat to provide massage to your back, shoulders, sides, and legs.

The tub also comes with a grab bar, push-button controls, a handheld showerhead, and a comfortable, contoured seat. What is unique about this tub is that the door swings outward. This makes it a great option for wheelchair users as wide, outward swinging doors make it easier to transfer between the tub and your wheelchair.

The tub is 52”x30”x40” and weighs 150 lbs. It is constructed from fiberglass and hi-gloss gel coat. The tub that is linked to is a left-hand tub but a right-hand option is also available. This walk-in tub comes in two colors, white and linen.


Pros Cons
  • Fast-fill faucet
  • Quick drain
  • In-line heater on water jets
  • Outward swinging door for wheelchair users
  • 21 air jets and 6 water jets
  • Owner’s manual isn’t the most detailed so you might have to figure some things out yourself
  • The water diverter can get jammed, making it hard to divert water from the faucet to the shower head

Front Entry Whirlpool Walk-In Tub Drain Location: Left

safe step walk in tub reviewsThis unique front entry walk-in tub has an outward swinging door on the front of the tub, opposite the seat, as opposed to the side as most walk-in tubs do. This is a relatively simple, budget-friendly model.

The tub features stainless steel fixtures, a handheld showerhead, a low-step threshold, and an easy to grip door handle. The outward swinging door is great for wheelchair users and can be opened while the tub is full in case of emergencies.

This is a smaller tub, measuring 40”x33”x38” and weighing 150 lbs. It is constructed with fiberglass. The water capacity is 40-50 gallons.


Pros Cons
  • More budget friendly than other tubs
  • Outward swinging door- good for wheelchair users
  • Stainless steel fixtures
  • Small
  • No grab bar

Things to Consider Before Buying a Safe Step Walk-in Tub

Price: Safe step walk-in tub costs can be high, depending on the size, features, and other factors. Also, take into account the price of installation if it is not a tub that you can install yourself.

Obviously, the most expensive tub may not actually be the best but you will typically have to pay a little more for quality, durability, and additional features not found in less expensive tubs.

Hot Water Capacity: On average, walk-in tubs have a fill capacity of about 50-60 gallons. Check the size of the hot water heater in your home to make sure it is compatible with the tub you want to buy.

It’s not the end of the world if it’s not but keep in mind that if you have, for example, a 50-gallon water heater and your tub is 60 gallons, you will have to wait for the water to reheat in the tank once you reach that 50-gallon point. You can also upgrade your water heater or purchase an additional water heater that is tankless.

Type of Walk-in Tub: There are many different types of safe step walk-in tubs. Soaker tubs, air jet tubs, hydrotherapy tubs, and wheelchair accessible tubs are some examples.

  • Soaker tubs: This is going to be the most basic version of a walk-in tub you can buy. They will have all the necessary ADA safety elements and allow for a nice soak but they won’t have any extra features like water jets. These are typically the best way to go if you are on a budget and don’t mind skipping out on all the extra features available.
  • Air jet tubs: You will also see these called aerotherapy tubs. These tubs have air jets that pump air through the water and create a bubbling effect, similar to a jacuzzi. The jets can provide a nice massage and encourage circulation. The jets are easy to clean as well; all you do is run them after the water has been drained from the tub to remove any excess water that is inside.
  • Hydrotherapy tubs: These are also known as water jet tubs or whirlpool tubs. These jets pump water and are stronger than air jets. If you need a more intense massage or want help relieving joint or muscle pain, these types of tubs are a great way to have a soothing massage experience.
  • Wheelchair accessible tubs: These are exactly what they sound like. The doors on these tubs swing outward and wide to accommodate someone who needs to lift themselves out of a wheelchair and into the tub. Seats are positioned so that they are easy to move to and grab bars are positioned to assist in entering the tub.

Safety Features: Certain safety features absolutely need to come with a safe step walk-in tub in order to be ADA approved and as safe as possible for you to use. Some of these features include non-slip surfaces, handrails or grab bars, and low thresholds.

  • Non-slip surfaces: The potential for a dangerous fall is one of the reasons seniors and people the mobility issues cannot safely bathe in a regular tub. In order to provide a safe bathing experience, walk-in tubs should have textured flooring or flooring that is made from other non-slip materials. If a tub does not contain this feature, look elsewhere.
  • Grab bars: Grab bars/handrails make it easier to transfer yourself in and out of the tub, especially if you use a wheelchair. Without grab bars, it is easy to slip while getting into the tub.
  • Low thresholds: You don’t want to have to clear a huge step in order to get into your tub. On average, the height of the threshold is about 3-7 in. but you can find tubs with even lower thresholds. Depending on your mobility, you’ll want to find as low a threshold as you can.

Our Final Review

There are a wide variety of safe step walk-in tubs available on the market. The one you end up buying should suit your needs, be within your budget, and include any of your desired extras. A walk-in tub is a big investment so make sure you take all your options into consideration and choose the best one for you.