Safe Step Walk-in Tub Review – How Much Does It Really Cost?

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Remaining in your home can be a challenge when certain age- and physical-related difficulties pop up. Safe Step has a number of authorized dealers all over the country. They will even come to your house for a consultation so that you can see how the tub might fit in your living space.

The walk-in tub is designed to be easy on your body and lifestyle. You’ll get the great style that you want for your household, but you’ll also get the safety that you need to remain in your home with safety.

Their tubs have low entrances and non-slip floors that help people retain their independence. The tubs they offer are known as some of the highest-quality kind of safe tubs around. They’re known for in-home consultations, excellent customer service, and great reviews.

In this post, we’re going to look at some pricing, features, and reviews of the Safe Step Walk in tub.

Who’s This Tub For?

safestep walk in tubBathing can be a difficult process for people that are in certain conditions. And yet it is something so essential to maintaining independence and quality of life.

An easy, safe tub like a Safe Step walk-in tub can be the solution that allows someone to remain independent in their own home. It can transform the quality of life and restore the freedom and confidence of a cleaner, healthier body.

The customer service is friendly and provides end to end support from the first consultation to the first bathing experience. They have custom quotes for every situation, so that you can find the tub that works for the features and lifestyle of your or a loved one.

Top Features

safestep walk in tub With the custom jets, additional massage therapy equipment, and whole list of standard features–the cleaning process can become easier, more comfortable, and a lot safer.

No stick flooring and easy entrance points mean that bathers remain sure-footed. Simple reachable controls make turning off and on the water simple. A quick drain system prevents the hazard of slow-moving water.

Top main selling point is easy tub access. You can sit down during the whole bathing process, and you don’t have to step over a side to get in. Simply sit down and use the easy to reach controls to manipulate the bathing experience.

What Do We Know About The Safe Step Tub?

Safe Step tubs are made to be a safe way that homeowners can remain independent and in control of their own lifestyle. They aren’t built to look like a hospital room or a retirement home, they’re built for style.

This type of walk in bathtubs can be customized and streamlined so that it fits in well with an existing bathroom. When you install a safer way to clean and shower in your own home, you want to retain the style of the bathroom! Safe Step understands that their customers really want both safety and style and have worked hard to deliver on both.

Water pressure remains consistent and gentle, while the cleaning system keeps the water from being too hard. Because cleaning the tub can be a challenge for people–this walk in bathtubs are built so that customers don’t have to clean them that often.

Cleaning system helps keep the tub in high function over time! And with the investment that you’re making in the tub, that’s exactly what you want from it.

Customers also note that Safe Step also talks about the way that they want the tub process to be easy from beginning to end. Delivery and installation is part of the package. Lastly,  they make sure that the right plumbing and electrical workers install it.

Top Features from the Safe Step Walk In Tub

Both have safety bars that are built to help people stabilize themselves as they climb into the tub. Low-entry steps with anti-slip floors make getting in and out of the walk-in tub even easier. In addition, controls in the tub are really easy to reach.

Easy to Use Buttons

The walk-in tub that has a shower also has a simple shower button that clicks on or off. Doors are wide, allowing easy access. In the event of any accidents, the drain releases quickly to prevent safety hazards.

Anti-Slip Floor

The faucet is built so that it won’t scald your body. The floor is anti slip, providing a good footing even when it is wet. Steps are low entry and there is ample seating which is comfortable and built to resist slipping.

Luxury Features

Massaging jets keep things comfortable, while a heated seat takes the edge off any cool water! Safe Step tubs also feature optional luxury features, like a dual hydrotherapy massage system and a micro-soothe air therapy system.

Hydrotherapy system allows you to use a whirlpool and air massage jets to soothe aching joints. It can provide relief for a variety of symptoms, as well as just feeling super comfortable and being a nice feature.

The micro soothe air system uses air bubbles in the tub to make it feel like a spa. Therefore, this type of technology helps exfoliate and hydrate your skin, while gently cleaning and lifting dead and dry skin. Instead of having to scrub yourself with a shower head, simply sit in the tub and let bubbles scrub you.


Differences Between Walk In Tubs & Showers

Walk-in Tubs Walk-in Tub with Shower
Cleaning system with resistant gel coat. Single button turns the shower on and off. No turning heavy knobs or levers.
Massaging jets. Built in chair that you can sit down in.
Handheld shower wand that can be used to clean. Dual shower heads.

Safe Step Pricing

Safe Step doesn’t officially publish the prices of most of their models. Expect to pay anywhere between $8,000 and $25,000 for one of the Safe Step models.

The more features and larger the unit are, the more you’ll have to pay for it. Keep in mind that installation could run a few thousand dollars in addition. Of course, paying full price for the Safe Step isn’t always necessary.

Because of the high cost, there are a variety of financing options and deals that you can look into. Safe Step walk in tub prices can be negotiated a bit, and the Safe Step walk in tub cost varies depending on the person.

Here are a few ways you might be able to save money on a Safe Step:


You might get a discount on the Safe Step model by purchasing some of their other higher-end products. This discount can be up to $750 for an individual product or even $1,500 for the household. In this case, you might be able to save money on the Safe Step by purchasing something else that you need.

Helping Hands Programsafe step walk in tub

Safe Step also offers a “Helping Hands Rebate” of up to $1,500 to help with the cost of the tub. This can apply for people that lack Medicare coverage, and can also offer additional discounts for veterans of the military.

Referral Program

Safe Step has a referral program that allows people to get paid for referring friends and relatives to Safe Step.

If you know people that might benefit from a Safe Step, you can receive up to $500 for your own purchase of a Safe Step by getting credit for recommending the Safe Step. While this may not save you money ahead of time, this might help recoup the cost of the product in the long term.

Financing Options

You probably won’t have to pay for the Safe Step all in one chunk. The company offers a variety of financing options that can help out members that really want a tub and have the credit to make payments over time.

If you’ve got qualified credit, you can pay for the tub monthly instead of at once. You can finance directly through Safe Step without involving a third-party lender.

AARP Member Benefitssafe step walk in tub

If you’re a member of the AARP, you might be able to save money on a Safe Step with special kinds of financing. It’s also the tub that the AARP officially advertises.


Safe Step Customer Service

The customer service for Safe Step is one of their selling points. They’re interested in helping you decide if Safe Step will be right for you through conversation about their system.

Interested in Buying a safe step walk in tub? You can call them at (800) 346-6616.

Phone calls aren’t really your thing? They also have a great informational website and allow you to chat live with a representative 24/7.

Safe Step knows that sometimes you have to see the tub to understand what it would look like to have one. They have showrooms all over the U.S., and you can drop by or schedule a visit.

Once you’ve paid a deposit on the tub, there’s a line that you can call to talk about what the tub will look like. If any malfunctions occur with the tub or you need to submit a warranty claim, the customer service line is really helpful!

The tubs also feature a great warranty on all the parts and labor. It covers anything that goes wrong on the installation and parts, including any manufacturing issues that arise. Even the caulking receives a two-year warranty.

When you install a Safe Step, the warranty is part of the features! It’s the feature that keeps your tub and shower in great working condition over time.


What do Safe Step Reviews Say?

Looking at safe step tub reviews. The things you’ll see over and over is praise for their excellent customer service. They have representatives who truly care about doing a great job, and they also hire only the best installers and consultation experts to work with you.=

Installation can take up to a day. Reviewers say that installation involved a good amount of cleanup. The people who show up to your house are just as important as the brand name on the tub.

Sending over the best installation team to make the transition to a Safe Step easy.

Beyond the customer acquisition and installation team process, reviews about Safe Step can’t stop talking about the way that it helps people remain in their homes and provides safe bathing options for families in need.

The tubs work great and the warranty department is enthusiastic about responding quickly to any issues that their customers have.

With such quick responses and quality products, it’s no wonder that people really like their Safe Step bathing solutions. Customers also talk about how important it was for them to have comfortable solutions. Spa features and bubbles are great. They make your body feel better. The bathing solution that Safe Step offers really is holistic.

Safe Step Q&A

  • When all is said and done, how much can Safe Step cost? Safe Step can cost anywhere from $8,000 to $25,000. The tub is one cost, while installation might be another. Talk to the representatives for more details. Any extra costs from plumbing or electrical technicians are included in the customized quotes that Safe Step gives after a consultation.
  • Will Safe Step work with my bathroom? Safe Step fits most standard size tubs. If you have a smaller bathroom, there might be some extra plumbing and electrical installations. Some customers were surprised that a different water heater was also required. Safe Step can use a lot of water. Safe Step replaces an existing tub or shower.
  • Is the system reliable? Is there a warranty? Customers report that Safe Step’s claims department for warranty is friendly and understanding. They cover manufacturing defects and any issues with the performance of your tub. They also cover any installation mistakes.
  • What therapy options come with the tub? While the main selling point of a Safe Step is the fact that it is easy to get in and out, the tubs also come with luxury features. They have options for aromatherapy, chromatherapy, and hydrotherapy solutions.
  • How big is the tub? Each tub is different and they can be customized for each customer. But there are a few standard sizes, with the most common size being about 5 feet long and a little under 3 feet tall.
  • How is the tub “safe”? The tub is a Safe Step because it is built to be easier to get into and out of. There is a side door that swings open so that you don’t have to lift yourself over a tub wall. There is a seat in the tub for relaxation. The ground is non-slip. There are handrails to guide your body into position.

Things To Consider Before Buying With Safe Step Walk In Tub


The transformation that a Safe Step could bring to the right house cannot be understated. Cleaning and bathing are such an essential part of remaining independent. It helps people maintain confidence in their bodies, themselves, and their place in society.

But if that comes with extra debt and payments that cannot be made, it might not be worth it. Investing in ourselves and our health truly is one of the best things we can invest in. Over stretching resources and budgets for a bath is not worth the cost.

If you’re looking to invest in a Safe Step, that might be a great idea. Just don’t stretch your finances too thin. There are also optional features that you can cut out to keep the price down.

Safe Step has a number of different financing options that help make the tubs a more realistic option.

Have good credit? You might be able to get financing.

At the least, you can explore your options, because pricing varies. The in-home consultation and estimate are completely free and don’t have an obligation. It doesn’t hurt to meet with a representative and talk over your options.

Alternatives to the Safe Step Tub

While there aren’t too many tubs out there on the market that are better than Safe Step, there are alternatives that you can look into. You might be able to get something for cheaper by keeping open your options.

Safety: Is it For Me?

There might be different bathing options that prevent you from the high cost of safe step. For example, installing an extra handlebar in your current shower. You might be able to get an easier entrance without replacing the whole tub. There might be a way to get the water on without cranking a heavy knob.

Also, it can be hard to be realistic about what Safe Step can do. While for many people, a Safe Step system can restore independent bathing, there will be some people that it won’t work for. Some people won’t bathe on their own. Whether or not Safe Step is involved, the task is too daunting.

While that can be hard, you should be realistic about whether or not Safe Step will make the difference. For some people, it will be too much help. For others it will be still not enough. Be realistic about where you or your loved ones are at!

The tub is built with a side door that swings open so that you don’t have to step over the tub wall.

If lifting your body weight over a tub is challenging, this can be a great solution. The tub is also built with a warmed seat, so if standing to shower is tough, that’s helpful.

The tub also features non-slip surfaces and handrails. It means that even when soap and water are flying around, you won’t be in danger of slipping as easily.

Therapeutic Features

For many people, this might be a huge bonus. Safe step knows that bathing is about more than simply scrubbing the dirt off your body. Bathing is meant to be a sensual, healing experience.

They help facilitate an experience like that through a variety of therapeutic features. These features calm and restore people.

Aromatherapy allows you to put different types of smells, like eucalyptus or lavender into the system which can help people relax or breathe. The tub has lights to it, which can use gentle lights as a part of chromatherapy.

When you add the soothing jets and hydrotherapy system, it can really make all the difference for a weary body. The jets and hydrotherapy target tense and dry skin, gently lifting and restoring.

These jets help open up pores and eliminate toxins from the skin. It’s an easier skin care routine than scrubbing with soap or a towel, which can present a physical challenge. The jets are a lot nicer, simpler, and friendlier. With the jets, bodies are treated as bodies and get a restorative touch.

Get a Quote and Get in Touch

There’s no need to make a decision about a Safe Step without talking to the people that make them. Because the customer service team at Safe Step is so great, you should talk to them first.

Getting a quote and a consultation can help you see how much it would cost. You can get a quote and consultation to see what the process would look like. You don’t have to be married to it!


Safe Step offers a lot of different features for their tubs, it can be good to consider the way that you want your tub customized before you get it. The representatives will be happy to help you think through your options.

Ready to Buy A Safe Step Walk In Tub?

A Safe Step walk in tub can be a safe and stylish bathing solution for a lot of different physical needs. While the high cost may seem prohibitive at first, remember that Safe Step offers some discounts and financing.

With the jets, safety features, non-stick surfaces, and easy entrance–Safe Step might be the right solution to make bathing easier and more independent.

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